Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

Gaming is a hobby that keeps getting more and more popular with improvements and new features such as technological improvements, online gaming and competitions. Just like any product though, quality is important. Here are some ways to improve quality of games that can help get your games high ratings(8.5 and above).Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

1.)Be original: It’s easier said than done. However, originality is important. Do not try to imitate another franchise and do not use too many clichés. Be creative, add new ideas that fans will never expect.Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

2.) Listen to your fans: This can definitely boost your ratings. Fans of certain franchises will often give you ideas of what they would like to see in your next product, obviously you won’t be able to take every request but see which are the most common requests that a lot of fans seem to want. Those you should try to implement in your next game.
Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

3.)quality over quantity: If there is one reason why the Call Of Duty franchise is facing a lot of negativity nowadays, it’s because it focuses on Quantity over quality. The developers tend to release a new Call of Duty each year as if they are sports games. If a new game within a franchise is released at least every other year, the development won’t be rushed.
Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

4.)Do not politicize your games: A controversial thing certain developers do the negatively impacts their games is politicizing them. The reason for this is because other people feel that they are being either neglected or associated with a certain topic they don’t want to be associated with. For example, Wolfenstein 2 the new colossus got a lot of criticism for how it marketed the game by catering to the liberal fans while neglecting the conservative fans. The game itself had a couple politically correct moments but their ratings didn’t suffer due to those PC moments being subtle and brief. In fact, Wolfenstein got a 9/10 rating. However COD WWII received mixed reviews for various reasons including it’s politically correct multiplayer features that were historically inaccurate. Some critics gave it a 7/10 rating which is average in general but low for a highly anticipated game. Not to mention that the 442nd RCT didn’t make a appearance despite it taking place on the Western front.Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

5.) Be detailed: With how far video games have come, detail is a must have. Do not make your game feel repetitive or plain. Make sure to add a wide variety of differences within the game. Whether it be a variety of characters, items, locations etc. The Fallout and Elder Scrolls series are perfect examples of very detailed games. Don’t do what the developers of Tenchu Z did by making the game feel repetitive and plain.
Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

6.) A good story is a must: For single player games, a good story is a must. The player must be able to become emotionally attached to the characters, the players must be on the edge of their seats, the character dialogue should be good and the villain(s) should be despicable and or misunderstood. Hint, don’t instantly put in ideas that come to your mind, jot them down on notes and let them toss them around in your mind for a while before finally putting them into the product.

Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

7.)Fun gameplay/mechanics: The main thing people want is fun gameplay, this is what makes the game worth replaying and will help boost your ratings. Add unique gameplay features(interesting takedowns, melee, interesting character abilities, crafting/customization systems etc). Just like above, let the ideas fully develop in your mind before finally putting them into your game.
Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

8.) Good physics: Video game physics have also come a long way which means that good physics are in high demand. Ragdoll is the most popular type of video game physics, along with destructible environment.

9.) Be careful when making major changes to the genre of a franchise: Certain franchises are meant to have a specific genre of gameplay. For example, the Resident evil franchise is meant to be a survival horror but Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Operation Racoon city became third person shooters with little to no survival horror in them. I personally liked these games but many people criticized that genre change which prompted the developers to return to survival horror in Resident Evil 7. This is why it’s best to either stick to the original genre or take precautions when modifying the genre.Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games10.)New Game plus, Continue playing and bonuses: In games that are RPG or have at least some RPG elements, it’s best to include a New game plus or the option to continue playing without starting over after completing the game. The New game plus feature is the ability to start a new game with the same stats from your previous game, this option makes a game worth replaying.Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

11.) Easter eggs: Easter eggs are usually references to other games, movies or books that are usually included as collectibles or hidden locations. They have no purpose aside from being a reference. Easter eggs may improve the ratings a little but because they are memorable moments. Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

12.) Graphics: They are the first thing people notice about the game, a lot of people want to see how much closer they are to live action. Many games today look like live action graphics at first sight. While most people are lenient on graphics, it’s important that the graphics are up to date.Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

13.) Release it at the correct moment: Another problem that tends to put a dent in video game ratings is choosing the incorrect moment to release the game. For example COD Infinite Warfare was by all means a completely Original Call of duty but it was released at the wrong moment. COD fans were tired of the “futuristic theme” that Call of Duty was using. COD infinite warfare pushed it too far by making it feel like a Halo video game rather than a Call of Duty video game. If they would have waited a few more years to release it, then maybe it would have gotten better ratings.

Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

14.)Don’t forget the merchandise: It’s always nice to sell some merchandise like apparel, action figures, key chains, coffee mugs etc that go along with the game.Tips on how to improve the ratings of your video games

So these are some tips that can help a game get high ratings. I’m personally very lenient when reviewing games but keep in mind that many people aren’t very lenient and can be very hard to impress.

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  • Interesting read and I agree overall. Also, some of what you have written may be applied to other products as well, I think. But the points you outlined may be more important in terms of interactive entertainment such as video games.

    A game has to engage the player and be able to hold interest for it to be properly evaluated, I believe. However, the user experience after evaluation must be deemed positive for it to be well received, in my opinion. Without that, the game wouldn't be well received no matter how it's assembled, produced and marketed, I think.


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