Attention Music Lovers: Looking for New Cool Music? Look No Further!


Attention Music Lovers: Looking for New Cool Music? Look No Further!

19 songs to listen to you probably have never heard

When you check the charts and there is nothing really that great on there... just some rapper you have never heard of talking to some jingly beat and it appears to feature some woman who does not do much either... Sure all the great songs you picked up in the last few years are still fun, Havana, Shape of You, Dimelo is still ok but you just want something NEW! Something cool and different.

What if I were to point something out you are doing wrong that has been limiting you to a certain section of music. I am not going to try to convert you to jazz, comtempory classical, or ska music, but you have been making a mistake that has stopped you from finding more music you love.

YOU ONLY WANT TO HEAR THE SONG IF IT IS IN English OR MAYBE Spanish. (I am not talking to you K&Jpoppers though you may enjoy the following songs)

I love Russian, German, and Swedish culture. I want to live in Germany. I have been searching for hours through Swedish and German charts finding cool songs and I want to share them with you! I am going to check the French charts next and maybe do a sequel. My brother is one of those people who worries about conforming to normality and always orders the same thing every time he goes to any restaurant. He really likes these songs too and if he can, you can.

So without further ado, I shall present the songs one by one. If you like the song, add it to your spotify, look for more of their songs, try other suggestions. You don't have to understand it to enjoy the sound. I know a lot of people find the sound of the German language hard and aggressive, but I find it kind of soothing in my mouth when I speak it and it adds a certain edge to rap and hip hop.


Atemlos Durch die Nacht- Helene Fischer

This is like a German Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift effort. A powerhouse anthem. The beat in the chorus is great. My sister works in a haunted house and uses music to distract her and this is one of her favourites. It has had Swedish and Afrikaans counterparts made. She does other popular songs. I think she is also really beautiful

Hall om Mig Hart- Panetoz

This one also has a great beat, a Swedish male group. I think the music video is cute.

Their song Limbo is rather good too.

Shuffla- Samir and Viktor

A Swedish male duo. Their Bada Nakna song is popular too but not my thing.

Was Du Liebe Nennst- BAUSA

A Schwabian friend shared this one with one of my friends... I listened for a while and thought, "This is boring... not a great beat, not my thing..." but then it ended and I had to listen again. And again. Then I got it. I feel like I have to listen several times each day. It fits into the same compartment of my head as Khalid- Young Dumb and broke.

Bis Hier und Noch Weiter- Adel Tawil feat. KC Rebell, Summer Cem

This one is rather good, Adel Tawil is I believe one of the leading artists in Germany and KC Rebell appears in lots of things. Check out Adel's song "Weinen" as well, just as good if not better. I just can't be bothered to add it.

Малый повзрослел- Макс Корж

This one is reeeeeeally good! I was working as a chef in a basement on a tiny island off the coast of France when I heard this one played by my colleagues from Latvia. They were not super keen on English people but were quite smug when they found out I liked this one and actually spoke a little Russian. I could not resist this song.

Durch den Stadt bis an's Meer- Metrickz

Another great German one. I feel (though you may disagree) that it has a kind of Eminem feel to it. His song Nicht wie Du is also good.

Mehr als Du Denkst- Voyce (Axwell /\ Ingrosso)

Not of German origin, this is "More than you Know" which is the last song that came out before Jess Glynne+Macklemore+who-the-heck-else "These days" that I really liked. It is slower but enjoyable. This guy also does German covers for Despacito and Mi Gente which are good.

Holz- 257ers

This is a song you will NOT enjoy unless you are really into Germany. It has a good beat but rides a little close to the edge of ridiculous. This is one to play in your car. I showed it to my sister and she sung it a bit when she was with before mentioned Schwabian friend. "How the heck did you hear THAT song?"

Road Trip- De Vet Du

I am still warming up to this one but my brother loves it. Another Swedish one. Another one to play in your car.

Feuerwerk- Wincent Weiss

Not Katy Perry firework in German. Sorry.

Uncover-Zara Larsson

Yes, this one is in English and it is the same Swedish Zara Larsson who sings "Lush Life" and "Would Like" but she camme out with this amazing song before those which only seems to have been given attention in Scandinavia, topping the charts. Yet it did not even touch the UK/USA ones. It was not even in a position to even attempt to come 1000 songs belows the top charts. This is what not being advertised in the USA/UK does. I reckon it is better than Rihanna's Diamonds.

If I were Sorry- Frans

Another Swedish song in English. The words don't seem have the same meaning but seem to be inspired by the same bug as "Grenade- Bruno Mars" Yeah, not ever played on the British radios but Latvian radio stations play it...

And that is that! I hope you found something. Add any foreign language songs you like in the comments so others (and I) can see them. I am sorry if none of these happened to be your taste but you have been given an idea.


Attention Music Lovers: Looking for New Cool Music? Look No Further!
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  • Avallach
    The thread is about new cool music but I see only a few genres that repeat many times through the list. To prove that here is videos on how many there are new cool genres that you might have missed. And this is just thematic entertainment video, imagine what you will find from a more or less decent research
    The best advice from me while looking for new music is looking for new genres and then through music services find the best artists then their top ten songs, then find similar artists and recommendations.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Avallach

      Personally, I listen to metal (symphonic, epic, folk, dub, extreme, alternative, prog, heavy, power), ska, reggae, orchestral dubstep (Cyberwave Orchestra, Instrumental Core are examples if the name surprises), new wave, ambient, classical, rock (punk, alt, folk, pop, old school), electro swing, rap-rock/just rap, epic (like film soundtracks), blues and the list goes on
      I might send some videos on each genre, I am curious myself how many there will be

Most Helpful Girl

  • menina
    I don't like Germans, so listening to German music wouldn't make sense.
    I hate Zara Larsson and I'm not a big fan of the last song you posted. That's the only one I know.
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  • Jon_25
    I liked the first one, and really liked Holz and Uncover. I'm definitely asking my brother to translate the Holz one so I know what it's saying, but it's great even without knowing. Two thumbs up, great list.
  • vincentyyl
    Thanks for sharing, I've been finding music on Spotify for quite a while. You can get new recommendation from Discover Weekly and Release Radar and they will adjust the music recommended to you as you keep listening. Also I'll download all the new songs I found with TunesKit Spotify Music Converter so that I can keep them on my computer for my music collection.
  • Kai02
    Eh, Durch den Stadt bis an's Meer is okay but these songs just aren't kinds I listen to.

    I'll leave my own suggestion though. A great Norwegian singer is Aurora, butshe sings in English.
  • Landshrk0068
    I unfortunately didn't find anything I liked. They all sounded like the normal mass produced pop crap from America, just not from America.
  • SirRexington
    Generally, if I can't understand it I don't listen to it. Which is odd considering I'm a metalhead and most people can't understand the lyrics.
  • happyhippo
    I love that you have mentioned 257ers and few others.
  • OpenWine
  • Pamina
    You lost me at Helene Fischer.
    • Es tut mir Leid. Welche Deutsche Lieder haben gefaellt dir? Du wisst am meisten. Teil mit uns

    • Pamina

      Helene Fischer is basically what's cheesy country music in the US.

    • Ah, alles klar

  • Emma_240302
    Oooohhhhhhh yassss bring it on thanks for sharing
  • LightSoul2
    Thankies for posting this myTake!
  • cupidkisses
    thank you
  • GayHowellMeme
    You included so many swedish songs <3
  • Anonymous
    As a swede I already know and listen to some.
  • Anonymous
    Good take
  • Anonymous
    Look up Frau Schmidt
    😂it’s a german song but I love it