Top 5 celebrities I find attractive


Hello everyone, I am starting a new challenge based off the what I find attractive Challenge. I call my new challenge #FiveCelebsIFindAttractivechallenge Without further Ado here we go!

1. Zooey Deschantel

Top 5 celebrities I find attractive

2.Fergie Duhamel

Top 5 celebrities I find attractive

3. Sabrina Carpenter

she's 19
she's 19

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Top 5 celebrities I find attractive

5.Avril Lavigne

Top 5 celebrities I find attractive

So this is my list of who I find attractive, but I have 3 others who I find attractive but They are kinda a put off for me.

Demi Lovato

Top 5 celebrities I find attractive

The biggest reason she gets a honorable mention as a put off is because of her recent issues. I still like her, but she really needs to get help.

Taylor Swift

Top 5 celebrities I find attractive

Some people hate her, but I think she's hot. However, given her history of songs being about people she has had issues with I would rather take my chances somewhere else.

Bella Thorne

Top 5 celebrities I find attractive

While I admit she's good looking she would put me off by her attitude or rumor there of.

I nominate @dizzydesi @Jipayne @Iron_Man @PrincessPie and @Whatthefluff to take this challenge


Top 5 celebrities I find attractive
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  • ThisAndThat
    I think Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous, but dumb as a bar of soap when it comes to politics.

    And Chloe Grace Moretz, she's gorgeous too, she seems to be a good actor also.
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  • SirRexington
    We all have our tastes I guess. Avril, Zoey and Demi are attractive in my opinion. I feel bad for Demi

    But Fergie and Bella Thorne? Ewww.

    As for the random 19 yr old. Uh huh. You know why you had to state her age.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Jemini_Crocket
    Bella Thorne is really pretty but her behavior is just so bad lol
    Sabrina Carpenter is the top girl from this list in my opinion :)
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  • MarkRet
    I always liked Jennifer Lawrence, and Avril Lavigne was always pretty. My two favorites are Megan Boone (Blacklist) and Felicity Jones (Rogue One). They're both also a couple of cards off-camera. Top 5 celebrities I find attractiveTop 5 celebrities I find attractive
  • WhitePanther88
    Apart from fergie and demi lavato yeah.
    We all have our favourites some of mine are kate Mara, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle tratchetburg, Alexis bediel, Kat dennings, Ellen page, natalie Dormer, emilia clarke, Rose Leslie Alexander Daddrido, Sophia Bush, Amy Johnson, Isla Fisher, Racheal Weiz, luv Tyler, Natalie Portman, Mila kulnis, Elizabeth banks, Jennifer Gardner, Jessica girl, Jessica Alba. My list is basically 2000-2010 hotties
  • Jjpayne
    You bet I will!!! and some great picks there!!! I might have to steal one!! I will work on this soon!!! and thanks for starting up a new my pick topic!!!
  • Iron_Man
    Number 1 I like Taylor Swift nice looking good girl

    Number 2 Emma Roberts is a cute actress

    Number 3 Jessica Alba has Always been a hot girl

    Number 4 I like the WWE Superstar girl Carmella she's tall has a great body and she's beautiful and sexy and has charisma

    Number 5. I like the girl from General Hospital Chole Lannar AKA Nell Benson on the show. She's a cute skinny kind of girl

  • Zefram
    The one fucking guy who finds Zooey Deschanel attractive. And as #1 no less.
    And Jennifer Lawrence. Uggh.
  • AD240pCharlie
    Sabrina Carpenter, hell yes! I don't normally find blondes beautiful but she is definitely beautiful!
    Demi's arms are too manly for my taste, and Taylor is a bit too tall.
  • vishna
    Nice! :) You could maybe do biggest pop culture events of the month or 2018.
  • PrincessPie
    Really cool list 😊
    Thanks for the nomination I’ll have to have a think lol
  • Titanic1912
    Taylor Swift used to be hot, but she ruined herself.
  • DizzyDesii
    Fergie is understandable and maybe Demi. The rest are... um
    I don’t like any of them. Not horrible just blah. White.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    I think Sabrina Carpenter and Bella Throne are okay but the rest are hot.
  • LongShlongSilvr
    Yes to Zooey, Avril, Taylor, and Bella. I want to find Demi attractive but 98% of the time I don't.
  • BeHappy1985
    Wouldn't want to bang any of them. Not a single one of them is a 10/10. 6-8 range, Taylor being the ugliest of the bunch.
  • Lance1965
    None of them are ugly but I don't find any of them attractive either.
  • binarybabe001
    Very beautiful ladies smahala! ❤
  • howlyz
    I like Zooey Deschanel
  • Salmon4056
    they're pretty and I like their eyeliner
  • MelaninDoll
    avril is hot asf
  • Kaneki05
    All but fergie is the only i don't find attractive
    Ohh white
  • LegateLanius
    Hmmm. This is interesting.
  • Browneye57
    Zoey, Demi... stop. :)
    The rest... MEH.