The Best Outros in Rock/Metal


These are the best and most epic outros in heavy metal.

You're going to hear some melodic, nostalgic and epic end sections of songs.

Suicide Silence - No pity for a coward

Okay firstly, this song is just in general very heavy, dropped tuned to drop A, But beside the point, this has a nice little outro where a crushing breakdown comes in first, then minor sweep picked lead arpeggios and power chords come together, and the sweeps oh my are something, the outro starts at 2:23

Chelsea Grin - Recreant

This one has a nice little breakdown in the end similar to the previous one i listed by suicide silence, you are greeted with a diminished chord and chugs breakdown, the song then slows down and the crash cymbal sounds timely like a metronome and the guitars rhythmically chug and pause then chug and pause then the guitars pan right then left, you can hear it in one ear and the next, it ends nicely with rhythmic powerful palm muting and panned stereo effect, this all begins at 3:10

Metallica - Fade To Black

Fade to black is one of metallica's more sad songs, when kirk hammett wrote the final ending solo in the outro when he just imagined the saddest possible thing and started playing, this what you hear at 5:05, even the rythmn riff is beautiful, the song is about depression and wanting to commit suicide, just listen to the final arpeggios at the end.

Parkway Drive - Dead Man's Chest

If you want a bone crushing rhythmic breakdown you get it in this outro, similar to chelsea grin breakdown, but heavier. it starts 2:24, with heavy chugs and downpicking and palm muting.

Killswitch Engage - My Curse

The main riff of this is pretty good, but it's not the part i'm mentioning, the outro starts at 2:42

Bloodbath - Hades Rising

the start of this is pretty scary and chaotic utilizing the diminished scale, but the ending outro is better, you're in for pleasant surprise, after all that chaos and noise, power chords come in and the solo begins, emotional for death metal standards, simple yet perfect, then the song ends with power chords progressing and a minor third guitar lead harmony.

it starts at 3:37

Metallica - Leper Messiah

This one is a personal favourite of mine, lesser known metallica song but it has a great and epic and badass mid section/outro , it starts in the middle of the song and ends like that. at 3:13 it starts, it starts with this groovy chromatic lead lick then the power chords come in and it's so harmonious, the rhythm guitars then get faster and the solo comes in with lead arpeggios against galloping rhythm power chords then abit of bluesy pentatonic lead work and then back to the groovy lead lick with lots of palm muting, then the power chords get more progressive and the palm muted lead lick just is so epic, it ends on a chromatic chord pattern.

Pantera - Floods

Floods is simply put beautiful and nostalgic, the solo is good, but the outro solo is heavenly and very nostalgic. Don't quote me on it, But I'm sure dimebag is using Sus2 Chords here (Same chord police guitarist andy summers is famous for using) It stirs all kinds of mixed emotions in me, anyway that starts at 6:13.

The Best Outros in Rock/Metal
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  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    floods , fade to black, hades rising, etc.. are awesome. Fade to black is one of those that gets really stuck in my head easily
    Is this still revelant?
    • Volb3at

      Fade to black is just such a good song!

    • @Volb3at hell yea man i can't remember the first time i heard it cause metallica is one of those bands i heard since the beginning of my time lol

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  • TeddyBaer75
    Mines more from classic rock, but in the original faster (Derrick n Dominos) Layla... they way the song completely changes into that cool outro with the piano and the Allman slide work
    Love it

    Honorable mention "the Chain"s outro by the Mac pretty cool as well in my opinion
  • drummerdude25
    Love this outro... starts at 2:50.
  • ATuairiscean
    In fairness to Metal I don't think a genre pf music has paid more attention to intros, outros and riffs than metal therefore deserves the credit
  • NicholasKelly
    I love to listen to rock is very cool, especially Metallica.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.
  • Anonymous
    Even though they aren't "metal". Linkin Park: Bleed It out always gives me chills.