Full story of Stretched out tangled ever after

It didn't feel right to leave the story with a cliff hanger. So I am turning it in to a MyTake for everyone to read. I hope you enjoy. But I'm adding more detail to the story.

Full story of Stretched out tangled ever after

There was once a princess named Rapunzel.. Her mother craved the magical vegetable for the witches garden. That crop of vegetables is called Baika root. She pleaded with her husband the king that they make a deal with the witch. Than one day she said to the king while they were in bed. "My love if I don't get baika root I will perish." He gave in. So him, and his pregnant wife went to the witches land. She asked the witch, "Can we make a deal. I must consume from your garden daily." The witch replied, "You have nothing I want. What are you willing to give up?" Without hesitation the queen said, "I am carrying twin's. You can have one of them." The witch smiled deviously. She agreed. Months past. Finally the queen gave birth to two baby girls. One with golden blonde her. Without thought she named her Rapunzel. While the other one she looked at differently. She was more important to her. She named the one with ruby red hair Percenthia. The witch was not far. She came in, and said "Which daughter do I keep?" With a smile she pointed at Rapunzel.

-Twenty year's later-

Rapunzel woke up in her tower. She was placed in there on her fifteenth birthday. The witch gave her magical underwear. The increase the power of the wearer every time the wearer is wedgied. Along with the fact she has a full wardrobe of onesie with wedgie accessible openings. She chose the yellow one to put on. Almost as soon as she was dressed after she put her hair in a bun. The witch said "Rapunzel. Rapunzel. Wedgie jump down here." So she hooked her special underwear to the latch. She the proceeded to jump down. The witch stood behind Rapunzel. When she yanked them up hard they went up.

But neither of them knew that Percenthia stood behind a tree watching. She knew that was her sister Rapunzel. Her mother told her. She was out for a walk to visit the witch, and her sister. She smiled. She got the better end of the deal. She knew what her sisters ability is. Rapunzel grants the one that she is the maid to immortality with her. She ran back to the kingdom. She told her mother with excitement. But her mother was displeased of it. But she brushed what her daughter said off. It must be a joke. She told her Mom, "I will be gone for a while in search of a good maid." She left to the forest. But When she came there the witch was obviously had gotten slayed. She followed the stretched out fabric trail. It led to a neighboring kingdom. They ended at the door to the castle. Ripped raggedly off. She heard bells, and laughter. She peaked open the door. It was an announcement that the prince had a bride. She was angry with this information.

So she crept to the witches garden, and with the help of the witches soul made a sleeping spell. Whosoever smells it will stay a sleep for ten years. Ten years the same age. She went back to the neighboring kingdom. She waited until everyone was asleep. She took her sister out, and hid her in the forest. She went back to the neighboring kingdom. She made them all smell the potion. Than she took her sister back to the kingdom. But when she came back there. The witch was back alive, and she ended the king, and queen before leaving. She had put her soul in one of Perenthia's old dolls that her four feet tall. Now Percethia was crowned as queen. She realized she forgot the magic potion ball. She left it in the princes bed. But she dismissed it. She made her sister into her maid. She cleaned her feet. Her laundry. Cleaned around with the others. But Rapunzel also lived in a room that has a cubby hole sized door. Every morning she put on a ragged skirt, and top. Along with new underwear the witch made. For that the witch became the royal advisor. The worst part was she was humiliated by the queen in front of the other maids. Because apart of Rapunzel's uniform was a royal wedgie over her head. That lasted for ten year's.

-Ten years later-

The neighboring kingdom awoke. The prince found the potion. Instantly he that the witch from the neighboring kingdom did it. So he went to her vacated land. No one was there. He read a letter. She was moved to the kingdom. So the prince went to the neighboring kingdom castle. He found his love. He grabbed her, and knew what to do. He ripped them off of her. It took several hours. He found the witch, and was about to slay her again. But she pleaded with him, and told him who did it. So she was pardoned. But Percenthia was punished. Percenthia became banished to the swamp island Wicotta. Than Rapunzel, and the prince lived happily ever after ruling the two kingdom's.

Full story of Stretched out tangled ever after
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  • luvstoned4him

    "he increase the power of the wearer every time the wearer is wedgied" LMAOO

    Also a much better ending than the one made by Disney :D

  • Good take

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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the MHO!!! :)

  • Aguysopinion4799

    Very interesting, your enthusiasm for wedgies however is intriguing :D

    • It’s not enthusiasm. I just like to see peoples reactions to weird gaudy stuff.

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    • I love those ones too

    • Thank you for MHO :) <3

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    Thanks for sharing your story , very interesting MyTake :)