Writing utensils and why each hold a special place

I will discuss 5 writing utensils: pens, pencils, crayons, magic markers and chalk. I will tell what I like about them.


Pens are often what contract deals are signed it. People use them also when they must fill out important documents as it is not allowed to be in lead but ink instead. Black and blue are the most common ink colors but it comes in more colors.

Writing utensils and why each hold a special place


Pencils are often what tests are taken in and mandatory for almost all school tests as you can use erasers for them while erasers for pens are harder to erase. Pencils are easily to break and it needs sharpening quite often.

Writing utensils and why each hold a special place


Crayons are used in coloring books where detailed pictures have animals, buildings and other colors because it is easier to use different colored crayons to meet what is needed to feel in the picture. It is often used by younger people and easy to break. They come with paper over them usually and can be toxic or non toxic.

Writing utensils and why each hold a special place

Magic Markers

Magic Markers are used on white boards as there needs to be quick erasing after making certain points and it is easy to smear the ink if careless. It is great to use and black is most common but comes in blue and red also and other colors. After about 30 minutes, something new usually gets added.

Writing utensils and why each hold a special place


Chalk is used on chalkboards and it is usually black or green board and chalk is usually white but can be pink or other colors. The board is easy to break a nail on if not careful and a lot of things are usually needed to put on the chalkboard for copying purposes and then erased to add more.

Writing utensils and why each hold a special place


Well these writing utensils comes in handy and if using the proper utensil, can help meet what you need to write down. Letters are usually written in pen or pencil but can be typed out on a typewriter. Thanks for reading!

Writing utensils and why each hold a special place
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  • zoeadams3
    Pencils (or lead holders - really graphite) were also used in drafting during the dark ages (Wayyyyyy before I was born, in the days of my father, grandfather, and uncles) before AutoCAD.
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  • btbc92
    Great selection, but you forgot highlighters.
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  • That's very interesting... I've never thought about how much a rule that they play but they really do!!! Can you do one on art writing utensils?
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  • Ah yes. The artist's drawer of tools. I've got them all. Pretty nice.
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  • andreasderjuengere
    It looks strange to me to see a 'conclusion' - where there had not been an 'issue'.
    I have ONE suggestion to add: to ignore the 'traditional' functions and to purposely -emm- mis-use those devices... may contribute to get this world out of its present stagnation?
    Comment: your listing is somewhat incomplete (... ink pens, brushes, spray cans, the twigs on the beach, ...)
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Very nice! If "writing utensils" have feelings, they'd give you a Noble Prize for your composition to give them recognition.
  • coolbreeze
    Nice lol I used all those mentioned sometime in my life.
  • Curabyron
    Im a highschooler and i still never write with pen because i always lose it, my pen belongs in my heart
  • shimmeryns

    Where is mechanical pencil?
  • That was neat dude🙂
    • Thanks. I'm digging your avatar. You've kept it quite longer than others. Please keep it permanently, madam Wowgirl30q!

    • No just been lazy