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The Legend That Is Mark Gormley


King of the Power Stance

This is Mark Gormley. His angelic voice can sooth any small child to sleep. His moustache game is to be admired by all. He is most famous for his epic power stance, you really do have to see it to believe it. This is his most iconic song, without you;

Not much is known about Mark

He grew up in Pensacola, Florida. He learnt to play the guitar as a teenager and wrote a number of original compositions in the mid-1970s. He enlisted in the Marines and was stationed in Scotland where he recorded a demo for his songs, but he was unable to gain a recording contract on his return to the USA. In 1986, Gormley entered the music studio once again recording two more songs. He later teamed up with The Uncharted Zone to create these wacky music videos.

The greatest music in the land

Mark Gormley inspired bored internet weirdos with his unusual stage presence. Many have tried to replicate his music videos, and he himself has said: "The more the better". I personally feel like they fail to do him justice.

A Quaint Hero

He is an everyday man who never asked to become an internet sensation. His videos have been viewed and adored by millions worldwide. He only made music because he enjoyed it, and that is probably the main reason people love him.

Listen to it All

It would be impossible for me to choose which is my favourite song by him. I highly recommend listening to them all equally. He is one of the few music artists that only get better the more you listen to him. I find his music is healing and speaks to me like nothing else.

A Glimpse at the Real Gormley

The Uncharted Zone had never seen so much success on their independent music studio and youtube channel. They decided to give Mark a "Youzie Award" in 2010 at "The Next UZ Star" Auditions. Here in this clip, we get to see a glimpse of what Mark is like behind closed doors.

The Return

After a boatload of demand and many years of anticipation the legend returned in 2017 with a final song "Together". Mark does not do the power stance anymore since it became too powerful for him to use safely. We all appreciate the moments shared with him.

If you didn't like it you might as well go cut off your ears because no music could ever please you.

Thank you for reading,

Charlotte x

The Legend That Is Mark Gormley
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Most Helpful Girls

  • kymberz
    ok. are you asking me to turn off the rob thomas and listen to this guy? and turn off all of the incredible trance that marco sends me? because between the two of them and Jesus singing Sunday school songs and adam sandler singing red hooded sweatshirt on valentines day - my music card be full and i am trying to choreograph here so can you please consider all of that and then tell me if i should listen to this guy?

    cuz right now i am listening to that man knows my insides and outs! but i will listen if you recommend! but ya gotta understand my point of reference!
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    • ChgzDaniel

      Lmao, drop-dead seriously, Mark Gormley is very healing to watch. He can cheer me up any day. He is a Christian and a very real man. Over this highly produced music, I would rather take the earnest Mark Gormley. To each their own though

    • kymberz

      then i'm all ears - hang on and let me listen and then i will get back to you!

    • kymberz

      ok he is wicked awesome and the guitar is to die for but can you tell him to get off my beach! cuz some of those pics were taken on my beach! others looked more like hawaii to me! but i almost got all the lyrics in my ears but the ones i didn't catch - i felt! and you are right that Mark guy is wicked and his lyrics are almost as beautiful as Rob Thomas' - bahahahah! no really - if you listen to Rob Thomas' lyrics - forget the overly produced music - he has no say in that - but watch him live and you will know what i mean! he goes to the Blythedale Hospital for Children every year for the past 20yrs on Christmas eve - and he really doesn't have to! but he does! have a listen to this:

      i love that song!

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  • PrincessDuckie
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    His singing talent is above par but every one of his music videos are so cheesy.
    • ChgzDaniel

      Psh you have no tastes, they are masterpieces!

    • Suit yourself. I definitely don't have a taste for cheesy music videos.

  • smalls95
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
    Didn’t know him😂
  • Jjpayne
    He's an interesting guy that's for sure