R. I. P. James Horner--The Legend?

As I'm sure the majority of you know James Horner died in a plane crash recently. To honor him, I'm going to declare a bold statement:

"Titanic" (Music From the Motion Picture) is the greatest film score ever made.

R.I.P. James Horner--The Legend?

"Titanic" perfectly captures the era, the themes, the ethos and the larger than life epic nature that has defined one of the highest grossing movies ever made. It captures the elegance, the sadness, the glory, and the loss that kept the film in theaters for over three months during its initial release. It was the first of it's kind, a commericial masterpiece greater than anything Hollywood could ever have dreamed of creating. Sure, "Avatar" made more money, but Avatar had the benefit of Titanic to hype it up. While Titanic is by knows means a complexly written film, it more than makes up for it in sheer massive scale. Movies are not literature. They are first spectacle, something out of a dream, something we are invited to spend staring at and believing we are inside of for several hours. "Titanic" the score is just as bit as epic and deserving of the top spot as the film itself.

James Horner more than rose to the occasion for the biggest thing to ever happen to the movie industry. He had over a decade of experience to work of and was no stranger to the Academy Awards nominations for music. Yet, Horner's masterpiece remains the best selling orchestral soundtrack of all the time. "Titanic" won Best Original Dramatic Score and Best Original Song for "My Heart Will Go on. "Titanic" also won three Grammy Awards, including one especially for "My Heart Will Go On." In Hollywood, studios observe a film project based on whether it can either earn tons of money or win Oscars. "Titanic" dominated in both fields and the only films that could ever hope to surpass it are it's figurative children "Avatar" and "Avatar 2." It is said that Leo di Caprio hasn't won an Oscar because Hollywood is jealous that at 21 he was already the frontman of the biggest film phenomenon to ever happen (over 200 fans, in vain, protested the Oscars for not giving Leo the win.) Yet, even with Leo's incredible career his words, uttered 15 years ago about what Titanic did for him: " I'll never reach that state of popularity again, and I don't expect to. It's not something I'm going to try to achieve either" remains very true.

Ultimatly, every track in Horner's score from "Rose" to "Death of Titanic" to the classic "My Heart Will Go On" are examples of a master at work. The genius of a man destined to lift the world higher through music. He was the sort of person that every artist hopes to be...a person born to do what they do. Proof that true art transends time and place and becomes legendary.

James Roy Horner (August 14, 1953 – June 22, 2015)

American composer, conductor and orchestrator

What film scores have affected your life?...

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  • Another valuable human being gone while the zombies keep reproducing like flies. R. ip.


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  • James Horner was one of my favorite movie composers. =( Rest in peace.

    On a personal level, my favorite scores of his are:
    - The Land Before Time
    - Glory
    - Braveheart
    - Balto
    - Enemy at the Gates

    I also have a soft spot for "We're Back!" and "Jumanji" (and the more recent "Amazing Spider-Man"). He basically composed a bunch of my childhood movie favorites, so his name was one of the first composer names I ever learned, ahahah.

    Personally, while I don't care for "Titanic" as a movie, I have always felt that the music was indeed great, and was by far the best single aspect about that movie.

    In all fairness though, I would not say that the movie "was the first of it's kind, a commericial masterpiece greater than anything Hollywood could ever have dreamed of creating", or that it was "the biggest thing to ever happen to the movie industry". Adjusting for inflation --- and therefore giving a better idea of the amount of ticket sales and butts in seats --- "Gone with the Wind" and "Star Wars" are well ahead of "Titanic" in terms of box office impact (and "Titanic" is actually ahead of "Avatar" :) ).

    Not only that, but "Gone with the Wind" and "Star Wars" are also the more influential movies in terms of cinematic history and pop-culture history. The fact that they were even able to --- way back in the 1930s --- produce an epic 4-hour-long, AND full-color, AND period piece carried by a female actor, AND with the leading man cursing and walking out on the leading lady at the end of the 4 hours lol, is still mind-boggling today. As for "Star Wars", well, it's the famous "Star Wars". xD

    However, I will say that Titanic was indeed a spectacle, and is without doubt in my mind the biggest movie phenomenon in the past 25+ years I've been alive. It felt like all of society just went CRAZY over a movie when it came out; it was unlike anything I've personally seen before or since. And there have been some BIG movie events in that period: Jurassic Park, The Lion King, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight, Avatar, The Avengers, etc. --- but none of them matched the pop-culture impact of Titanic.


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  • Im devastated. This guy is one of my music role models. I have a lot of his soundtracks including Avatar, Titanic, Casper, American Tail, Spider man, Brave Heart. Like I even have some of the songs playing on my iPhone now. As a muso myself, I love putting in synths and strings to many of my songs and you can definitely hear my James Horner influence there.

    • you should pm me with links!

    • Actually Im releasing some stuff on soundcloud now. But its acoustic because we looking for a drummer and its still very raw and demo'ish. The song I have on there is called Two Souls and the song on soundcloud doesn't have the synths BUT that song as the best synths when finished. can't wait. I will try get the link now...

    • Dude I tried it now. Soundcloud, search "AcaciasDream" two songs should be there. Two souls and crashing down. Those are my two songs on there at the moment.

  • I wouldn't say the greatest but defiantly one of the greatest, R. I. P great composer and conductor, orchestrator, loved his music in a lot of movies.

    At least we still have

    John Williams

    Hans Zimmer

    If those two die as well I will be crushed and the music of cinema will never be the same again.

  • Fuck...

    This song is giving me tears

    His scores in avatar hit me more than titanic, so many feels throughout hat move.

  • God... Braveheart had such utterly gorgeous music. What a fantastic movie, all around, that was.

  • People lost their lives and he made like 50 million dollars. I'd hardly call that a legend. The titanic really sank guys. Although he did forfeit his original salary for the movie when it almost wasn't made due to running out of money.

  • Yah nobody cares