Stephen's playlist to beat Quarantine blues

Right now in the world, we live in unprecedented times. Things have truly slowed down and it's no longer business as usual. We are most part stuck in our homes. I know it sucks, but here's some music to play for it.

Flowers on The Wall- Statler Brothers

Yesterday's Gone- Chad and Jeremy

Stand By Me- Ben E King

End of The World- Skeeter Davis

Buffalo Springfield- For what it's Worth

We're All in this together- High school musical cast

Hells Bells- AC/DC

Only The Lonely- Roy Orbison

Dean Martin- Memories are made of this

A Country Boy Can Survive- Hank Williams Jr.The Man Comes Around- Johnny Cash

Thank God I'm a Country Boy- John Denver

Down With The sickness- DisturbedWar Pigs- Black Sabbath

Stephen's playlist to beat Quarantine blues
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Ratmuffin
    The fact that u like the Statler Brothers means im already in love with you. My folks took the family to seem them and Ray Strphens live in Branson, Missouri when i was a toddler... sometimes i only remember music and pain from that young. Like when i was 4 we were staying at a lodge in Montana in injun territory and a 3 legged bitch of a dog ripped my hand open
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    • Ratmuffin

      Im listening to the statler brothers rn thank you for a blast from the past! I gotta say Three Dog Night's greatest hits shoulda been up there too

    • Ratmuffin

      I dont need trashy cam girl shit. Thanks for trying but i still have my dignity..

  • wankiam
    like the johhny cash track but i won't be hitting play on anything else you listed... it does illustrate one thing though, even those with vastly different views, tastes on music or infact anything can have some common ground somewhere
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Most Helpful Girls

  • DizzyDesii
    Down with the sickness was the only one from this list i was ever really a fan of
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    • DizzyDesii

      Ok after relistening to down with the sickness i can't recall why i liked that song some years back 🤣 my head hurts. Lemme go pray lol

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I suddenly have the urge to go rummaging through my dad's old vinyls.
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  • DashboardLight
  • BoxySama
    Should have used YouTube format to make a playlist and share the link to that
  • MeatPuppet
    The High School Music Hall track kinda sticks out as an eye sore in this otherwise decent playlist.
  • lightbulb27
    awsome:) Skeeter davis... yeah!!
  • juliaanita
    i like your choices :)
    not all, but most.
  • Red_Arrow
    Pretty good choices for a young guy! 👍😀
  • Purplemonkey24
    Stand by me, down with the sickness 🧡