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Ad Astra is one of the best SciFi movie ever!


Hollywood has made another Art-House Sci-fi movie and no body likes it.

Ad Astra is one of the best SciFi movie ever!

I have heard many mixed things about the movie so I had to keep my expectations very low.

I loved the movie for the most part.

Plot of the movie is very simple. A son who works as an astronaut goes to search for his missing father. But it covers a lot of theme. It asks so many questions like what it is like a father when searching for the father. That dynamic worked beautifully because of voice over. For some movie voice over can be difficult to experience visual storytelling

But not here. I love voice over when it is done well. For example: The Shawshank Redemption, The Irishman, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Goodfellas, Casino etc. Brad Pitt gave another solid performance this year after his charismatic role, Cliff Booth in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. This movie has a lot of Brad Pitt and I am not complaining. I liked the fact he has got most of the screen time. Because the character, Roy is very relatable. He played a calm pilot who can handle any extreme situations quietly. That makes the movie very slow paced. For some it can be boring.

Now coming to the technical part, it has great cinematography and visual effects. I won't be surprised if it wins awards for Visual effects. The background score of the movie is very smoothing and fits into the situation.

I have to give compliments to production design department. At the beginning the movie says that story is set in near future. The team has created a world which is believable and beautiful at the same time.

There are some action scenes in the movie, they kept it very grounded and we'll choreographed.

All things were achieved thanks to mastery of the visionary director, James Gray. This is the day of "James" I guess. Morning I raved James Mangold (Ford V Ferrari), now James Gray. Good jobs "Jameses".

Don't expect this movie to be Interstellar because it is not. The movie is very different from that from tone to story to theme.

I have small issue, but I will mention it. The movie's supporting characters needed more meat in their personalities.

In the movie , characters do few things which scientifically impossible which can be bothering to many audience. To defend this thing I would say it was "Sci-fi movie" and it did not bother me. I am not watching movie for thesis.

Rating 4.5/5

There is a fight scene in Moon. That might be my 2nd favourite action scenes of the year after Avengers: End Game final fighting.

Ad Astra is one of the best SciFi movie ever!
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  • rapfan107
    I've been wanting to see that movie for a while!!!
    Is this still revelant?

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  • zagor
    Sounds like a new drug they advertise on TV.

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