Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome


I go all nerdy now. Why is this show only considered suitable for the nerds? This is an amazing show. Nerds might not even like this. There's not much action, techie stuff. It's about people of all sorts of cultures and personalities talking and resolving their conflicts. This is a show for social people!

Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome

Data: I do perceive a certain discomfort when I am sharing the specifications of my reproductive functions. I can cease to talk about them if you wish.
Girl: Uhhh.... help!

Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome

La Forge: Captain, the inertial dampeners for the antimatter suggest that the warp drive will become unstable any moment now.
Picard: How long to repair?
La Forge: I estimate about 3 months.
Picard: You have 15 minutres.

Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome

Deanna Troi: I sense something. There's a disturbance of some sort. It seems wrong. I am not sure what it is, but it doesn't feel right. Oh wait, I am going through my Betazoid menstrual cycle. My bad.

Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome

Worf: But I am Klingon! Chagshish-narrhhall! I will go through the pain ceremony now as my ancestors did.
[Worf walks through a hall and gets cattle-prodded.]
Worf: Warragahhhh! Aarrrrghghhhh! I am Klingon! Jag-jush-nikarhl! I have bled as my ancestors have!
[Gets stabbed by spears]
Worf: Argghghargrrgghh! I have climbed the tallest mountains, conquered galaxies!
[Gets spear shoved straight through the ass]
Worf: Arragarraaagghhhhh! Warrrgghhhh! This is the best day of my life. Thank you, Commander.

Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome

Picard: The prime directive was established because, albeit our sympathies and compassionate urges, we have experienced through centuries that interference of this manner can only lead to chaos and war. [...] I am Sherlock Holmes! Where did the foul deed occur? [...] The Borg, the Borg! They have taken over my mind... my thoughts and feelings! Who am I? What am I? I am Captain! I must be strong... no, no, don't... don't touch me! I am fine!

Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome

William Riker: What is a beautiful woman like you doing over here?
Some hot girl with a fucked up thing on her head: Maybe I'm waiting for you.
Riker: Perhaps you are lost and just waiting to be found by the right person.
Hot alien girl: Perhaps you are the one who will find me.
Riker: Perhaps I have been searching for you all my life.
Hot alien girl: Perhaps you should extend your search down beneath my skirt and into my tathrahl!

Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome
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  • dwcl99
    Thank you very much for posting this. You really summed up the series beautifully.

    Yeah, I don't get how so many people find it "normal" to like Star Wars, but its somehow "nerdy" and "geeky" to like Star Trek, when Star Trek is educational, it had moral and social lessons, and it just makes your think.

    Thank you for sharing!
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  • zagor
    My roommate in grad school was an expert on Star Trek, both TNG and the original series. It was scary how much detail he recalled.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hunnybee1
    I read every word of this paragraph
    You should be proud
    And i am intimidated by the series.
    Everyone's praising it saying it's basically God's work. But what if i don't like it. What would i do with myself? Die? That's one option
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    • DrunkAss

      I didn't get into it until 30s. I avoided it deliberately... maybe sneak a glance at a show here and there when I was a teen. But it was stereotyped as so nerdy that I didn't want to be any part of it. I didn't want to be thought of as a "nerd".

    • Hunnybee1

      Aww yeah i really don't get it. Why is star trek considered nerdy?
      Because space? Geometric objects?
      What's going on here this is a conspiracy

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  • Texaskid1
    Cool show.

    I used to watch it back in the day. I think I have seen almost every episode.

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