So... I watched Cuties. Here's what I thought.


Plenty of people can bad mouth a movie without ever seeing it like a bunch of triggered pirahna, ready to sense a drop of blood and rush in teeth bared, but im not one such piscene hypocrite.

i can tell this much right of the bat, this is not enjoyable to watch and thats mostly the point of the entire message this movie wants to get across. What i gathered is that Amy's experiences of rebellion and confusion and distress are the result of neglectful parenting and being torn between two cultures that both horribly objectify women but in opposite ways.

Her father is absent the whole movie, her sexually repressive, polygamous culture gives the example that women are not equal to men. That she has a role as a woman already picked out for her. She's a cook, a maid, her body is offensive, and if her husband feels like its his prerogative to marry someone else and cheat on her essentially. Amy watches that culture agonize her mother.

On the other extreme, a hypersexualized superficial culture is pulling in the opposite direction to shallow exhibitionism and selfishness and it cause her to put so much importance on being sexy and dancing that she hurts everyone around her. Amy really is meant to be a tragic character that we're supposed to pity, not champion.

And yes the movie shows little girls (11 year olds) mimicking lustful dance moves that they see in music videos, and people lost their shit because that's not ok. Well, no shit sherlock, if you watch the movie you'd see the repercussions that falling into that lifestyle has on these poor girls. I swear some people would want to boycott a vampire movie just because dracula kills people and murders bad mkay?🙄 better yet, no more war movies because war is graphic and disturbing and makes us question our culture. Thats sarcasm by the way fuck you.

Anyway, just to sum it up, Amy is a tragic character who is given almost no guidance for how to deal with her emerging sexuality. For most of the movie she is confused and scared thinking the only two options for her are repression and selfish overindulgence at the expense of others, and both are wrong. Cuties is a deeply unpleasant movie with an uncomfortable message to deliver about the perspective of many young women. I related to a lot of things in this, from trying to imitate music videos to keeping sexy clothes a secret from my parents, my family is catholic and just as fucked up and repressive as Amy's Muslim family. I see her reactions and know that I could have easily fallen into the same horrible stuff that she did.

So that's what i thought, take it or leave it.

Questioning my life choices after a depressing movie.
Questioning my life choices after a depressing movie.
So... I watched Cuties. Here's what I thought.
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  • Nick568
    I don't care what the message of the movie is, the fact of the matter is that the filmmakers of Cuties exploited children by making them do explicit dances and making legal pedophile content. End of story.

    I get that the movie is actually about how exploiting children is wrong, but you don't send that message by EXPLOITING FUCKING CHILDREN. I never watched it but the clips I saw people share on Twitter was enough for me to realize why this show was rightfully condemned.
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  • zagor
    Unlike a lot of people who seem to be criticizing it sight unseen, I withhold judgement as I haven't seen it, and probably won't anytime soon as I don't make a point to watch something just because it is controversial.
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  • Alpha09
    This is a great mytake. I haven't seen it yet but I refuse to judge it based on it sounding controversial, if only other people thought to look into it first.
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  • bulletbob555
    Repression is in many cultures so as a person suffering from Catholic guilt you should be able to relate. Muslim tradition must be hard on the people practicing it.. People say they want open relationships only to find that they end up getting jealous and possessive
  • Haven't watched, not going to invest my time watching it. The controversy around the movie is likely manufactured by the film company who made it to get people to watch it.