Television shows that make you say WTF were they thinking

Television shows that make you say WTF were they thinking

There have been TV shows made that were not just bad, but that were so obscene or tasteless that they make you think the executives were probably doing drugs when they greenlight them.

1. Heil Honey, I'm Home

Television shows that make you say WTF were they thinking

If someone came up to you and said they wanted to make a TV Sitcom about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun living Next to a Jewish Couple in 1937 Berlin. First off, back away slowly and show no fear. Second you should probably inform them that there was already a Television show made with that Premise. The British Sitcom was Called Heil Honey, I'm home and was produced in the U.K and only Aired a single episode before being cancelled. Yes, this was an actual Television show that actually aired an episode on British Television.

2. Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos

Television shows that make you say WTF were they thinking

This show aired only half an episode before it was cancelled and replaced with a re-run of cheers

This show, well, it was a series of obscene home videos with things like I shit you not, a child grabbing the ball sack of a Kangaroo, and a man using his junk to lift a barbell. Yeah, apparently the network executive Kerry Packer was eating dinner in a restaurant when it was aired and he saw it on a Television in the restaurant and Immediately went to a payphone and told them to, "Get that shit off the air!"

3. The Geico Caveman Television show

Television shows that make you say WTF were they thinking

Remember Geico's other mascot. The Cavemen for the whole, 'geico so easy a caveman could do it' tagline. Well they get a Television show at one point and it was absolutely terrible. It was about Cavemen in modern times who live alongside humans and the protagonist fell in love with a human woman and they 'tried' to treat the whole concept like how interracial relationships were treated way back when. It was bad.

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  • I remember hearing about how bad the last one was, but that first one is unbelievable. Heil Hitler? That's insensitive. My personal least favorite was NBC's Hannibal. I had to stop watching the episode after the guy kidnapped diabetics, buried them (alive), and used their bodies to grow rare mushrooms.


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  • I actually did see anepisode of Heil Honey on Youtube, and I thought it sucked. For one thing why didthey make Hitler talk like a Brooklyn accent?


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  • haha the idea that the caveman commercial could turn into a successful sitcom was about as hair brained an idea that hollywood has ever had.


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