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My Review of Cyberpunk 2077

My Review of Cyberpunk 2077


I thought it was pretty good even though there were some issues. I had this stupid foliage bug that really bothered me. The plants would just pop out instead of staying in the background at their actual position they would cover peoples faces you were talking to and cover up other stuff in the foreground. Thankfully in the city it wasn't that big of an issue but it was still annoying. I thought the world was pretty cool and well realised, the story was pretty good and interesting too. Gameplay is also good I played the first game as a streetkid and focused mostly on sniping with some rifles mixed in. And I started a new game as a corpo and want to focus on hacking and stealth.

My Review of Cyberpunk 2077


There were some disappointments though that I have.

1. The openings for the different stories are super short and they could have done way more with that. The street kid one was ok because it makes sense that a streetkid would meet another street kid like Jackie Wells but the corpo one was disappointing in my opinion. I wanted to see more of the inside of this corporate world and they totally skimped out on it.

2. The music choices were boring and uninspired. I know you can't predict what music will sound like in 57 years but they didn't even try. At least pick something that sounds futuristic. Instead they just picked random hip hop, rock and edm songs that sounded like anything you'd hear today pretty disappointing. And they didn't have a combat scene where the music was in the foreground either like a shoot out in a club or something like that. That would have been sick.

3. Making the romance options so limited is embarrassing for a game that is supposed to be about choice. no matter what gender or sexual orientation you chose you only have 1 option, that's just lame. And it's weird because they already had characters that they could have used for more they just didn't do it.

The game is good and technically very advanced (if they fixed all the bugs) but surprisingly small. Like I expected a bit more depth from a big name studio who invested this many years into this game. I haven't done all the side content but when I started my second playthrough I was quite let down by how similar it felt even though I was trying to play as a completely different character. As different as possible. It's supposed to be a roleplaying game but the main story really doesn't let you have a lot of freedom to do just that.

My Review of Cyberpunk 2077


Overall I'd say it was a good experience and worth the money but they still have a lot of potential for improvement if they make a sequel. And I hope they do because the world building was the best part of this game and I'd love to dive in to this world again. I hope on next gen they can do something incredible.

If you wann see a glimpse of it check out this video

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My Review of Cyberpunk 2077
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  • JosyJosy
    OH waw you called it 'worth the money', I'm surprised. It sucks to hear that the experience feels the same even though you tried to go at it differently
    • Lynx122

      Yes it's actually not as bad as people say. At least on PC, I heard it was really bad on consoles. They put a lot of work into the game. The managers just have to decide if they want to become a bigger studio because you need to be for a game like this or tone down their projects a bit make them less ambitious. They have to chose one or the other.

    • JosyJosy

      A friend of mine streamed it for me for like an hour and we ran into one bug after another xD

    • JosyJosy

      It was on PC, immersion destroyed

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  • Hmm. . . interesting. Well hopefully, they will release patches to address some of these issues.
  • JakeS00
    I certainly agree. I thought it was good overall, despite the bugs and glitches. But I felt like they focused more on the sexual aspects and that type of scene at first, but I was able to look past that and focus on the game as a whole. The mission flow was cool but different—the side jobs for the NCPD, which were easier because of upgrades. Likewise, for those very high side jobs. I haven't completed those yet. Some of the layouts and bullet cushion was pissing me off, you shouldn't have to unload a whole mag or clips to end an enemy.

    I would say it's "okay" for my money because I was at least able to do something, but I'd def make sure to wait a while before jumping the gun and purchasing a game like that.