To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved


I’m totally #BoyCrazy and love talking about my celeb crushes 🤣 So today, I’m making a mytake about the Top 8 (out of 186 lol) that I’ve stood by for the longest. Feel free to check em out and then tell me in the comments below who your own celeb crushes were since childhood. And I don’t mean the men on my list 😂 I call dibbs

Luke, Romeo, Laz, Brad
Luke, Romeo, Laz, Brad


was going to be my longest term celeb crush since 2001. He has such a gorgeous caramel skintone similar to my own. And i adored how it contrasted with his smile and hazel green eyes. I was surprised he was so short in person at the Millenium Tour. Still, I found him adorbs tho. It wasn't until 2017 that I started to reconsider that. He is suuuuch an ahole. It took the show Growing Up Hip Hop to notice how much of a spoiled hoeish ahole he is. He’s not even that cute anymore. But... he’s still mine. 🤷‍♀️

Movies Recommended: Roll Bounce, Like Mike, Johnson Family Vacation, Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved


Rip my love. He is one of the most handsome men to ever live. His piercing blue eyes and that smile will forever be unforgettable. They say “She’s All That” but nahh he was all that and more. He was definitely gone too soon. I’ve liked him ever since 2001. He wasn't the greatest actor but he was amazing at what he did anyways and had one of the biggest hearts you could imagine. He’s the only celeb who’s death seriously affected me. I freakin sobbed my eyes out and I’ll forever miss him... yes although I’ve never met him.

Movies Recommended: Joy Ride, Hours, Pleasantville, She’s All That, The Skulls, Fast Five, Noel, Running Scared, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, Takers, Brick Mansions

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved


is such a cutie. He’s totally the boy next door and I’ve liked him since 2001. Most people love his bro Owen, but nahh. I’m all for Luke. I fell for him before Elle did lol.

Movies Recommended: I loved him in Best Men, Scream 2, Blue Streak, My Dog Skip, Charlies Angels, Legally Blonde, My Super Ex Girlfriend, Vacancy, Death at a Funeral; TV Shows— Stargirl

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved


Is just simply... hot damn. I’ve liked him since 2002. He often played the rebound lover but like how? That man is everything. Straight from Germany, he is the epitome of German Chocolate 😍 I hated that they killed him off of Resident Evil and who tf cheats on this man? Addicted was a crazy film I tell ya.

Movies Recommended: Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Madea’s Family Reunion, Resident Evil After Life, Addicted; Tv Shows— Soul Food, Station 19

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved


Will forever be one of the sexiest faces in Hollywood in my opinion. I don't know what even got me started on him in 2002. He’s hot af but a very boring actor. I loved him and Jen together and it pissed me off that he cheated on her, especially with that that thang. It made me dislike him for a while. But i can't stay mad at Brad. Smh... he’s forever mine.

Movies Recommended: Fury, Meet Joe Black, World War Z, Sleepers, Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas, Cutting Class

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved


Is one of the sweetest most handsome celeb men ever. I’ve liked him since 2003. It sickened me how long he let that hoeee Angela play with his heart. She chose Bow Wow over him everytime. (Ok so maybe I did too, but at least i realized who the real gentleman is. She has yet to learn.) Rome is also short but he’s still adorbs haha. I like when they’re close in height. I’ll say, the closer to kissing those lips. Romeo wasn't the best rapper, but I enjoyed him on The Romeo Show. I just don’t like him as an MTV Host.

Movies Recommended: Honey and Jumping the Broom; TV Shows— Romeo!

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved


Es mi papi chulo. He is a manly man, gentleman, handsome man and all of the above. I’ve liked him since 2003 when i first saw him in Leprachaun Back 2 Da Hood. He showed up on that motorcycle and 8 year old me instantly melted 😍 I’ll still haven’t seen his show The Boys yet but I hear its good.

Movies Recommended: Stomp the Yard, This Christmas, Miracle at St Anna, Traffik, Detroit, Jumping the Broom; TV shows— The Mysteries of Laura, Power Book II, and Breakout Kings

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved


Has been one of my hottest baes since 2004. His face is just so ruggedly handsome. I hate how much body hair he has but I tend to look past it because he’s freakin Chris Evans 🤣 I wanna see him in Knives Out. I just can’t get enough of this man. I would totally post a bunch of his photos but GaG limited the mytake to 20 images 😂

Movies Recommended: Not Another Teen Movie, Cellular, The Perfect Score, Fantastic Four 1/2, TMNT, The Nanny Diaries, Captain America Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil War, Avengers Endgame

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved

So Tell Me Below, What Celebs Have You Been Crushing on Since Childhood. Why? #FeelFreeToList #ThatsMyType

To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
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  • ElvenMr
    I felt the same about Paul's death. He was like a big brother to me, whom i only saw in movies.. I recommend you watch "Into the Blue" from him.

    My celeb crushes in no particular order:

    The Olsen Twins: they were "The Girl" of my dreams... and get this.. i actually met twins who looked a bit like them in some math class when i was a kid and i did nothing.. pre internet/facebook. I don't even know their names, cause it was very awkward with just them, me and the teacher at the same table.. i wish i would've talked to them, i can't even find them anymore, maybe one day i'll recognise them somehow.

    Emma Watson: Because of her role as Hermione in HP, duh!
    Hayden Panettiere: can't describe why, but i really dig her, i think it's her eyes "Heroes"
    Alexa PenaVega: I loved her face and hair in "Spy Kids"
    Hilary Duff: her being a little chubby was my thing for whatever reason. I'm especially fond of her in "Agent Cody Banks"
    Angelina Jolie: She is Peak Woman to me. I loved her role in "Gone in Sixty Seconds"
    Willa Holland: Her role in the "Arrow" was the start of me crushing on her big time. I love everything about her. I even wanted to meet her somehow, so she could be my girlfriend lol.
    Maybe i missed some others, but it's a nice crush list still! 😎🤣
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    • DizzyDesii

      Yea i couldnt finish Into the Blue for some reason. But i do like him and Jessica alba. The first 4 girls you named were awesome and people i looked up to. Then you named that man stealing hoe angelina 😒

    • ElvenMr

      It's more of a "based on looks and vibe" list, not a how they are in reality list 😁

    • DizzyDesii

      I also enjoyed Olsen Twins. I was always Mary kate in all the movies haha

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  • Anonymous
    I like your Mytake.
    I definitely remember you mentioning most of those men and I think a lot of them are great.
    It's fitting that we both took Paul Walker's death hard as if we knew him. (Twin stuff)
    You've probably seen me post pictures of my favorite celebs too.
    Constance Wu
    Zoe Saldana
    Mandy Moore
    Tessa Thompson
    Jennifer Lopez
    Jessica Alba
    Salma Hayek
    Halle Berry
    Amy Adams
    London Keys
    Tashia Adams
    Morgan from AYTO
    Morgan from Temptation Island
    Shannon from AYTO
    Challenge: Faith
    Cara Maria
    Big T
    Ashley K
    Tori (Don't be mad at me)
    Dee (Possible racist)
    Asian Jen
    Camila's butt
    Melissa Reeves
    Francesca from Below Deck
    Abbie from Geordie Shore
    Most of the women on the Bachelor right now and on and on...
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    • DizzyDesii

      Lol twin why are u anon 😂

    • Anonymous

      People will think I'm crazy. 😅

    • Anonymous

      I forgot Maria from Double Shot at Love.
      Also Emanuelle Chriqui
      Lucy Liu
      Lainey Lui and Melissa from the Social
      Kiesha Shante
      Maria Cabello
      CNN: Brooke Baldwin
      Erin Burnett
      And Briana Keilar

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  • HiveBee
    I dont have many. I honestly feel like I see better looking girls out in real life than celebrities.

    The few I do like are Mila Kunis. Mariah Carey. Jessica Alba. Sansa from game of thrones.

    Mean girls era Lindsay Lohan was probably my biggest celebrity crush ever.

    Kim Kardashian even if she's fake all over she's still hot.

    I'm literally going through a list of female celebs because honestly I couldn't care 1 but about any of them today and I can't remember their names.

    Jessica Biel was a big time crush just cuz she was super hot back then.

    Oh adriana Lima I used to be in love with as a teen. Super cute super model girl.

    I guess I had a thing for natalie Portman in the starwars movie as a teen.

    Kaley cuoco is hot. Olivia wilde too.

    Love chloe grace moretz cuz she's super cute. Natalie dormer is cutie too.

    Kate dennings is hot.

    I dont know. Honestly none of them are special. Porn stars too really most of them aren't even that cute and the beautiful porn stars usually don't show you their pussy lol.

    I see cuter prettier girls in real life. Sexier girls in real life.

    I suppose I could say i really like Nikki Limo and Gina Darling from YouTube. Love their personalities and how they look. I'd rather have some YouTube girl or twitch streamer girl than angie celebrity. I can't name any twitch girls cuz I dont watch it, but sometimes I do watch sssniperwolf's videos if I'm bored and I'd totally take her home.
  • flamiE
    Bow Wow. Yes lol I agree. I would’ve had a crush on him back when I was 15 if I knew he existed 😂😂 he’s too boyish for me, if he grew some beard he’d be fireeee.

    I absolutely adored Adam Rodriguez. I used to watch CSI a bit too much 🤣🤣
    • DizzyDesii

      Lol at 15? I dont think Bow made much music by then 😂 you had to be a true fan. He was most popular when we were age 3-10. And i like Bow’s goatee but i hate beards
      To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
      And my mom loves some Adam haha

    • flamiE

      Loool you might just be right, I never listened much of his music. He’s got some real soft facial features lol plus he looks the same way he did 10-15 years ago, it’s like he doesn’t age lol not my type. Also, I love me some beard 🥰

      But ah your mum knowss

    • DizzyDesii

      he's aged but he doesn't grow. Bow still like 5’7 lol

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  • roody
    Ian Somerhalder, end of story. To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved
  • proNutro
    Paul walker used to be my number one. Such a gorgeous man with a heart of gold. I cried my eyes out when I heard he passed away.. and every year in my birthday I think of his death. 30th November 2013 he passed away, on my 13th birthday. Was NOT a happy day for me whatsoever.

    I used to fangirl over many guys when I was younger and was obsessed with many. Now though I can’t be bothered haha. Though I will say the three men who have captured my heart are:

    1. Robert Pattinson. Tenet was actually a really good film. Loved him in it. His singing is so lovely as well... he’s perfect in my eyes.To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved2. Richard Madden. Oh boy where to start with this man... fell in love with his accent and fell even more in love when watching bodyguard. I binge watched that show in a day. To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved3. Nico mirallegro. Only saw him in ‘My Mad Fat Diary” and fell in love with his character. He too has a heart of gold. Funny, super sweet, easy going and gets along well with most people. To All the Celeb Boys I’ve LovedThese three men are now the only celebrities that have a place in my heart haha. Couldn’t care less for the others.
  • monkeynutts
    She got that look, like she could screw you too death.
    She got that look, like she could screw you too death.
    Angelina in Hackers.
  • Girl you and your celebrity crushes 🤣🤣🤣I mean I had crushes when I was a kid, but none that stayed with me till now. Lol
  • Rosalindaa__
    Love all of those men you listed. But since I was younger, it's especially Justin Timberlake, Nelly and Chris brown for me..
    • DizzyDesii

      Okay i used to love Justin when he went solo. During NSYNC i loved lance til he turned out to be gay 😭 Nelly always had a gorgeous smile. Ummm chris.. girl why 🤣 i seen the crazy even before the rihanna situation

    • Lmao yeah Lance was cute. Nelly could make me melt with that smile 🥺 yoooo nahh I didn't notice, he was so charming to me.. ecpecially in the With you clip 💔

  • lilyanony1
    Lol at that lazaro clip that's funny.
    But yea he's cute...
  • mimi051998
    BORIS KODJOE, bow Wow, and Romeo are some fine-ass men 🥰.
    • DizzyDesii

      Girl Boris so dang fine. Bow used to be fine. Do you watch growing up hiphop? He done changed 🤣 romeo still look good

    • mimi051998

      No, I haven't watched growing up hip-hop. But I did look it up and you're right 😩

    • DizzyDesii

      Bow got bad acne now and that quarantine def made him gain a little. He and Ashanti were nearly outta breath at the millenium tour 😂 Omariom was lookin over at him like “dude u messin up the song” 😂

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  • AlexanderAnttila
    One does not simply speak of Brad Pitt and leave out the movie Troy.
    • DizzyDesii

      I saw this comin but that movie was too dang long. I fast forwarded through most of it. I just wanted to see him half named

    • DizzyDesii


    • Come on, it's long because it's epic!

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  • Egirl28
    It used to be nick jonas now I cringe at that one know I like Chris Evans or Scott Eastwood
    • DizzyDesii

      Lol yea Nick wasn't cute with the curls but he was cute with the haircut. Then i heard about him kissing a guy and i lost interest. Scott Is fiiiine like his daddy was
      To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved

    • Egirl28

      Yes he is watch the longest ride and drool you will thank me !!

    • DizzyDesii

      Lol i’ve seen it. I didn't like the girl in other stuff so it made it hard to watch. And scott was too annoying in F&F. But i believe in him and know he’ll have a better movie

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  • Wiredone
    I used to have a crush on Heather locklear and Susan summers. I'm over it now
  • JDavid25
    I remember when people stayed sayin I looked like Bow Wow when I was younger.. Mainly cause we both got long faces, and my eyes are noticeably light brown many times.. And yeah "The Boys" is pretty good.. It might not be yo type of show though, it's pretty gory, but at least Laz is one of the good guys..
    • DizzyDesii

      Dude i love gore. I watched all the Saws and Resident Evils

    • JDavid25

      Since when?😂😂😂.. But okay well you won't have a problem with the show then.. But forget the gore the Resident evils are horrors to watch even without it.. 😂😂

    • DizzyDesii

      Since childhood. I don't know who u been confusing me with but i even make GaG questions about it since 2015

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  • Maspolomas
    For me Elle McPherson and Olivia Newton John and Rihanna and Adriana Lima and Selena Gomez
  • AkshiJanjua
    I also like Chris Evans. I wish i could have a physique like him
    • DizzyDesii

      Well he used to be really lean. He just worked out a lot

    • I like his buffed physique more

  • always thought like was a fruit cake didn't think girls would go for him but hey whatever floats your boat ⛵

    lol jake wiler aka chris evans, cool dude. Ill always remember him in "not another teen movie"
    • DizzyDesii

      You thought who was fruity?

    • The_Sal

      sry lol luke wilson
      he was alright in idocrisy tho kinda funny.
      owen was funnier.
      you ladies seriously thought owen looked good even with a broken weird looking nose?

    • DizzyDesii

      Owen is unattractive in my opinion. Luke is sexy in a goody two shoes way. Definitely hubby materiak

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  • BUNroaster
    Good choices. Im more of a Hughjackman or Ryan Reynolds
  • Aurora1010
    I love Eden Hazard, Shawn Mendes, Prince Hamdan
    and for some strange reason Charlie Puth
  • Neko911
    Weird. I've always found then average or honestly somewhat below average
  • ProfessionalMusician
    Sorry for your loss. I wish I was on your list because we could have hooked up and done it many times. What state do you live in, you never know!
  • spartan55
    Little Bow Wow? 😂😂😂😂 Girl you kill me..
    • DizzyDesii

      He was my first crush. And he still little 😂

  • Alyssa11
    Girrrrllll laz Alonso is fiiiiiiiine
  • JosyJosy
    O paul... <3
    Ah Brad <3 <3
  • Guido
    I'm so disappointed in you. You forgot my picture! ☹
  • msc545
    Interesting mytake, thanks!
  • aharris45
  • psychoticanimaIIover
    I knew this would be your question.
  • Those are some cute and sexy men
  • OlderAndWiser
    Owen Wilson is an idiot pansy!
    • DizzyDesii

      I could care less. I prefer Luke Wilson as i mentioned above

    • Yes, I understand that. Whenever I see Owen Wilson's name, I get triggered.

    • DizzyDesii

      What did he do

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  • Coulis
    Except for Luke & Chris I like your taste.
  • Mark987
    Girl.. you know what you like :)
  • Sia_nee
    SHAD and Paul Walker 😍
  • SavageGirl101
    I dont have a celebrity crush😂
  • pizzalovershouse
    Ok dint know you dated them all 🤣🤣
  • iFarted
    No Asian dude :(
    • DizzyDesii

      Well lets just say he hasn't reached celeb status yet :) and by the way? there's plenty of Asian celebs i like like Ki Hong Lee and Sendhil rammurthy. But rn im naming my top 8 from childhood. I didn't know those actors back then

    • Aurora1010

      Don't worry lots of girls in latin america go crazy over bts 😂

    • Aurora1010

      korean and east Asian guys are *trending* in latin america :)
      along with arab 😋

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