My First Celebrity Crush


Before I even start this, I KNOW I'm gonna get a lot of replies on this like Whaaaaaat? Yeah, I'm expecting it, okay, so I should reveal this info while the facts are fresh. (This person technically didn't count as a celebrity until a few days ago.)

So to address the hate I might get, I'm going to say three things: 1) This person tops all of my expectations and is amazing - in personality and looks, and everything in between. 2) My preference when it comes to a guy's race is white guys; I especially have a thing for blonde men. However, I've never limited myself, so no reason to be surprised because I think a lot of you take that a little too far. 3) YES, I HATE that this guy made us lose the Iron Bowl and he was always in the freaking hopsital! (And I hate that I can't have him :( )But honestly, I know he'll be great in the pros and he's amazing.

So in case you don't watch sports and get the idea, I am maaaaadly obsessed with Tua Tagovailoa. <3

My First Celebrity Crush

Apart from being so physically fragile in football and all the injuries (I mean, he's surrounded by 300-b. guys), he's very talented - very gifted, no doubt. Apparently I am one of only a few girls on this site who watches college football, but those who do watch it have seen his amazing talent! He even has an abnormal way of throwing the ball, unlike other quarterbacks - his own style of playing and everything. He's always on-target and is very athletic, but he's very quick to see how the defense is lined up.

He's very humble, and he gives Jesus credit for all of his accomplishments. If you've ever watched him after a game or seen his interviews, he doesn't hold this back and he makes it well-known. He isn't scared of losing; he says when you lose that's when you grow, which is true.

My First Celebrity Crush

This guy is beautiful to me - gorgeously handsome, with an amazing smile and eyes, an attractive smile (sorry, did I put that twice?), a very handsome face, and outstanding talent and athleticism. And he could take it to his head very easily and he would still be loved for his amazing talent, but yet he chooses to always give God the praise for every accomplishment he makes.

My top favorite sexy celebs have been Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, and Terry Crews for a while. I must say, it's kind-of hard to actually develop a "crush" on a celebrity because you don't know them. So Channing, Chris, and Terry have always been the sexiest men I liked to see, but the difference with Tua is that I actually have a crush on him - yes, my first actual crush on a celebrity <3 From what I do know of him, he's amazing. I've always liked those three guys in a sexy way, but Tua just makes me dreamy <3 along with the fact that he's also handsome.

By the way, if you watch NFL but have no interest in college football, I do encourage you to watch Tua's highlights at Alabama. He is highly exceptional. His interviews are also very humbling.

My First Celebrity Crush

I am not a Miami fan, but I will definitely be watching him play. So @Hispanic-Cool-Guy and @Iron_Man , the Miami fans of GAG, don't come on here hating lol

My First Celebrity Crush
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  • Anonymous
    My childhood crush, was Amy Jo Johnson, a. k. a. Kimberly the original Pink Ranger from MMPR, that was definitely the case for many guys who grew up in the 1990's.
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  • jessicarosen
    You've made me a Tua fan now. I hope he excels in the NFL. Excellent take! Keep writing. :-)
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  • Cryptic-Game
    Tua's pass that crushed Georgia's hope since 1980 was enough for me not to deem him as a hero, although he is a good quarterback. However, you won't have to worry about Tua winning any rings with the Dolphins anytime soon.
    • So a Georgia fan would say 😂

    • If it was the other way around, you'd say the same thing. Or said he got in too late.

    • Nah, I’d just hate him because he’s a good player and played against my team lol

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  • I knew you liked Tua. No one hates like that on another person... lol

    Exposed.. 😂
    • Yeah, I’m not good at hiding feelings 🙈

    • He's a good looking samoan dude... nice taste... He's going to look better though when he's winning games for My Dolphins. 🐬🐬🐬

    • Don't start with me on the Dolphins. He's the ONLY reason the Dolphins will even be worth anything this year and you know it!

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  • Bman4907
    My first was Lecy Goranson from the original Roseanne. My parents controlled the TV so it was either watch what they wanted to or it was go outside. I got a lot of sun, but thanks to my parents, I've seen way too much JAG and I know the theme song to Walker : Texas Ranger. Not proud of those, but hey, it paints the picture.
  • Iron_Man
    Wow then hopefully you'll become a new Miami Dolphins 🐬 fan. Be sure to watch the games on Direct TV the NFL ticket that will guarentee you won't miss a single Dolohins 🐬 game. Tua is a good man a good Christian. Doesn't look like he will be the starter in week one they want to make sure he's ready and not to rush him back to fast because of the hip injury. He could come in around week 4 depending on if the Dolphins are struggling. Tua is Hawaiian from Hawaii. If you like his looks you might like Cool Hispanic Guy he has that kind of a look even though he's Dominican.
    • LMAO @Hispanic-Cool-Guy check out what your buddy said! 😂😂😂 But seriously... I know Tua is Hawaiian. He’s so handsome and has his own unique features though. I love his complexion, his face and smile, his hair, and his eyes. And the two look nothing alike (not meant in a bad way to Joan)

    • Iron_Man

      Ok LoL

    • Dude, has square shaped face. He looks nothing like at all. 😂

  • Jack9949
    Yooooo I still remember the time when @Hispanic-Cool-Guy called you out for liking him and you just denied it 😂😂
    • Yes 😂tbh I got called out on it a lot, even by someone else on here today. I’m not good at hiding feelings!

    • I never called her out on it. We are just buddies, nothing more. She knows I love and care for her though. I don't need to hide that. Let the world know. 🤷‍♂️

    • Jack9949

      @yads_is_back I have no problem myself admitting I’m not good with women (for reasons that aren’t worth my time explaining here lol) but it was TOTALLY obvious your hatred was so fake 😂😂

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  • KingdomForAKiss
    I've never heard of him before now but he's cute and I love his name! Voila! At least that's what it reminds me of. Lol

    Get him, girl!
  • moonpie89
    He's really attractive
  • bklynbadboy1
    Wow! You watch shorts!!! 😍😍😍
  • Kezzz
    This was a good read. Thanks for sharing 😊
  • Joker_
  • Steve37
    Roll Tide
    • Bman4907

      Nothin says lovin like kissin your cousin... ROLL TIDE

  • Valerie Bertinelli
  • Anonymous
    You have bad taste.
  • Anonymous
    You impress me. That you are so into sports is hot. and there's nothing sexier than a hot girl in a sports jersey. My mouth waters at the thought
    • Anonymous

      Yads_Is_Back Strip for me baby 😍

    • Nah, I wouldn't strip for any guy on this site

  • Anonymous
    Great take :) I love Tua
    • Who doesn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Anonymous

      You when he had his hip injury. He can't help what a 400 pound guy does to him when he's roughing the passer

    • UGH As a UA fan, the Iron Bowl is our biggest rivalry. We get pissed over losing an Iron Bowl! (Even though we have more and Auburn sucks but so does Mac Jones)
      And the ref didn’t call a Roughing the Passer penalty.

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  • Anonymous
    I don't watch football, but he is handsome! If I was to watch the videos I wouldn't know what they're talking about with the plays so I won't bother.
    • You wouldn't have to. His technique alone is admirable. He's fast, isn't scared to leave the pocket, he's very good at reading what his opponents do, and he can throw with perfect aim over the entire field.
      But yeeessssss he is <3