Dance covers that are as good as the original!


There's so many channels on youtube that do dance covers it's become totally professional. at least half are super impressive and the rest are still pretty high level. I wanna share a few channels that I'm watching right now :)

4x4 Studio

These guys have so many good dancers since they're learning dancing everyone is good. I like watching their random dance videos they do since they're so fun and every song is danced so well.

But they also do full covers and here's one that is amazing.


These girls have been doing this for 8 years but I've only discovered them a few months ago. They impress me with every video. This is one of my favorite ones. And yes that is a Creation of Adam reference in the choreo ! :)


They are a famous Taekwondo demonstration team, they represent the country and the martial art to the world and you can see how hard they practice in the way that they move. Dancing is a peace of cake to them :P. They've done several covers of Kpop songs that they combine with their martial arts moves and people love it :).

def Dance Skool

This one is cool because the videos are from students of the school and they're not doing this for ever yet but there's a lot of beginners and intermediates and the video is the final project of the class. This one is top notch and it's one of my favorite songs too :)

I wanna do at least one of these in my life. It's more of a long term project but I just love watching people who can dance well I hope I will like it just as much when I do it myself :)

I hope you enjoy one of the videos :)

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Dance covers that are as good as the original!
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty

    Very impressive... Thank you for sharing... My daughter would probably enjoy watching these as she's a dancer herself

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