Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Pass on It. SPOILERS AHEAD


Falcon and the Winter Soldier: you've seen it plastered all over Youtube advertisements. This review is a little late, but if you haven't seen it already: Hard Pass. It's a pale shadow of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie.

When the Winter Soldier first appeared, the movie managed to be legitimately suspenseful. We got to see how purely superhuman Steve Rogers is--yet the Winter Soldier strikes out of nowhere repeatedly and manages to make scenes where Natasha and Steve truly seem in danger of being killed. He's ruthless, cold, calculating, and has no hesitation killing.

Falcon and the Winter soldier: The most fearsome characters are the bald women from wakanda.

The main "villain"

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Pass on It. SPOILERS AHEAD

turns out to just be a refugee girl fighting for world peace or migrant rights or whatever.

The other "villain" besides systemic racism against random migrants and black people is the new Captain Insecure, who has no emotional control, seems very needy, and seems as imposing and scary as an angry customer service representative.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Pass on It. SPOILERS AHEAD

All in all, it's simply like Alice: Through the Looking Glass. Instead of a suspenseful spy thriller like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier is half queer baiting, half "the system is oppressing us" and half "go to therapy." There's no real suspense, because it's a SJW commentary turned into a show instead of a thriller. There's no real villain, just moody people with shields or superpowers. It lacks everything that made Captain America: The Winter Soldier or even "Wandavision" suspenseful and is overall a boring, forgettable series. I won't be bothering to tune again.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Pass on It. SPOILERS AHEAD
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    I heard there was a moment where some cops show up just to be racist for the sake of being racist — very ideologically loaded. Apparently a Disney insider looking at the analytics said that about 80% of viewers tuned out not just on that episode, but in that moment. That’s an impressive failure tbh.
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