Angelia Jolie's "Those Who Wish Me Dead" -- a let down

Angelia Jolies Those Who Wish Me Dead -- a let down

In short? Talk about a let down. I was quite glad I didn't pay for a movie ticket.

In long? Read on, but beware of spoilers.


So in short, Angelia Jolie is a specialized firefighter who was in a mission gone bad, and coworkers and kids died. She ends up in a Fire Watch tower in the middle of vast forest, just watching for smoke.

Meanwhile, an Accountant discovers a massive corruption ring, and flees for his life with his child to a cop friend, Jon Bernthal. The hitmen pursue said accountant, and the movie ensues.

Now, why is it a flop? Let's count the ways.

It sacrifices action stars for the sake of diversity and fails to deliver good villains. It also starts with a surprisingly promising setting, then fails to truly build on it or create good gripping atmosphere.

So this movie has Angelia Jolie, Jon Bernthal, and Aiden GIllen. Three really solid action movie stars. Sounds intense, right?

Angelia Jolies Those Who Wish Me Dead -- a let down
Angelia Jolies Those Who Wish Me Dead -- a let down
Angelia Jolies Those Who Wish Me Dead -- a let down

Three pretty good names for action stars. Yeeettt the director wastes them--they might as well have been the cast of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

The real hardcore action star of this movie?

Angelia Jolies Those Who Wish Me Dead -- a let down

Yup. The dangerous hitman duo of this movie consistently get their asses handed to them by some unknown. Her character? Pregnant wife of the Punisher who runs a wilderness survival school. You heard me. The hitman duo attack Jon Bernthal's home, where she promptly kicks their asses, maims them, and escapes. They get a hold of the Punisher and absolutely kick his ass, while the pregnant black woman was far too much to handle. Maybe the movie explained she was some magic ex special forces and I just missed that part.

Anyway they kick his ass, drag him through the woods, and then gun him down like a chump, where pregnant black woman shows up and takes down one of the hitman in a one on one fight with a bolt action rifle while he has a compact machine gun. Why give action scenes to the action stars you hired to sell your flick anyway?

Angelia Jolie then has a retarded fight scene in the woods where she plays squirrel around a tree and takes down the other hitman with an axe. The massive wildfire the hitman start, is not even dangerous enough to kill action hero black woman with her chump Punisher husband in a fire tower. Angelia and the Accountant's child escape the woods, the end.

Overall, talk about a lame movie. Poor action scenes, villains who just seem pathetic and fail to provide any real sense of danger, and not enough atmosphere for the surprisingly good setting. Don't pay to watch it.

Angelia Jolie's "Those Who Wish Me Dead" -- a let down
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  • Nazgol

    Yeah it was alright. Not that amazing

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  • Sonorous

    I do wish there was more to the story. Hard to care about the characters when you don't know them well enough. Also, when the villains died, didn't feel very satisfying. 🤔 I also wish the ending wasn't as open ended as to what happens to the boy.

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    • Yes, the characters didn't get enough real development and the villains were chumps that you and I probably could beat. Talk about a lack of tension.

  • Bhavin2184

    10/5.. My rating..
    It was an average movie one time watch

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  • FruitAndBlueEyes

    I’ve been needing to watch this on HBO Max.

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  • Reah1

    This movie was great

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  • Bklynbadboy12

    I thought it was pretty good

    • Do tell, why? The action scenes? The plot? The character development?

    • I mean she's been out of your picture for a while I thought it was a good come back movie for her none of her action movies were really good anyway except Wanted that was the shit with the league of assassins

  • Anonymous

    Angelina Jolie can't act. Honestly it's painful to watch her in a movie
    She only gets roles cause of her looks

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    • Hmm you're a bit young but for a while she was a Hollywood legend. She's been out of it for a few years though and it shows. Plus bad script.