23 Upcoming Films for 2023


Okay so there’s actually 24 films but 23 sounds so much better in the title lol. Which do you look forward to seeing FROM THE LIST BELOW? And Please do not come naming random crap that is not listed below. Doing so is almost as uncalled for as half of the movies losted below. Like who asked for these sequels, prequels and overall adaptations? 🤣

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#1 Knock At the Cabin

I won’t be watching it in theaters but its supposedly like Cabin in the Woods. Someone has to be sacrificed in order for the world to keep on turning. I just really hope its not the kid. Kill anybody but the kid... But i think its going to be the kid because no one expects it.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#2 Antman and Wasp Quantumania

I’m honestly not the biggest Paul Rudd fan, but he kicks ass as an ant. I think it’ll be the first film I choose to see in person for the year.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#3 Creed III

Its quite painful watching someone get knocked tf out, but the Creed films always have the greatest soundtracks, so count me in again. I just hope Sylvester returns too.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#4 Scream 6

Okay, seriously who’s asking for these films at this point? Scream 1, 3, and Scream 4 were really the only tolerable ones. The parody of Scary Movie 1 puts the other scream sequels to shame. I’m not paying to see this horrible cast from the 5th film. Can’t we get a prequel at the least?

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#5 Shazam Fury of the Gods

When I first saw Shazam, I had low expectations. He looks ridiculous. But the kid who plays the teen version of him was adorbs. And seeing him look for his birth mom made it more interesting. But then shit really got real when they get to the carnival and his adopted siblings become heroes as well. Like Megan Good and my baby DJ Catrona?! Count me in! I’m paying to see the sequel. Plus Lucy Liu is the villain.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#6 Fast X

Okay, so I wasn’t crazy about Fast 1 or 2 (the ones people truly care about). But I loved Tokyo Drift, Fast Five, and parts of 6/7/8. However, Fast 9 was out of pocket especially with the outerspace scene. I remember Vin Diesel saying he wanted 10 or 11 films and even considered teaming up with Transformers or Jurassic Park. It’s just too much. No ones asking for these sequels dude. But I’ll certainly be in theaters showing support. Plus Vin and Cena team up to fight Jason Momoa who’s the villain! 🤣

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#7 The Little Mermaid

Okay so we already know the majority are salty about having a black mermaid. Whatever, we don’t care, drown bish. I’m honestly more mad that they casted this not so hot dude as Eric. Like seriously? Thank goodness Aladdin live gave us a hottie. I probably won’t pay to see this but I’ll certainly be tuning in.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#8 Spiderman Across the Spiderverse

I’m annoyed. I really want a live action Miles Morales. Even Tom Holland suggested that but the silly producers want to give him 3 more films. I love Tom in films like The Impossible, In the Heart of the Sea, etc. But as spidey? Nope although No Way Home was awesome (because of the other spideys). I’m just asking that Miles get at least one. His first animated film had me dizzy af with all the colors.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#9 Mission Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part One

Alright usually when they split films into Part One and Two that means its coming to an end. Lets hope so. Its getting on my nerves. But I admit, i liked MI3, Rogue Nation, and FallOut.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#10 Barbie

Real talk, who asked for this? Tyra Banks killed being a doll in Life Size 1 (part 2 was trash). But man I was fine with all the animated Barbie films. We don’t need this. But I like Margot Robbie so I’m hopeful. Initially it was going to be Anne Hathaway as a blonde. Love her but that wouldve been hideous. And why is handsome yet boring Goslin going to be Ken? Lets just hope he just stands there silently and looks pretty. The part should’ve gone to one of the Hemsworth brothers.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#11 The Meg 2

I love Jason Statham but the Meg 1 was horrible. Even the adorable kid couldnt save that film. I really hope this one is better because i love killer animal films.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#12 Cocaine Bear

Speaking of killer, I cannot believe this cokehead is getting a movie. I mean it is based on a true story and it actually looks kinda funny but was this necessary lmao! Still I’m totally trying to go see it 😂👌 Looks better than that awful Winnie the Pooh horror.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#13 Gran Turismo

Okay I love racing movies so I look forward to this. I just pray they don’t fck it up like they did Need 4 Speed. Wish this was a Forza Horizon movie though.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#14 Expendables 4

Okay so the film is losing some heavy hitters but keeping Jason Statham and gaining Megan Fox and 50 Cent. *sigh* Well at least there's Jason. And I guess I can admit that Megan was great in Transformers. Plus 50 did give us Power and all the spinoffs, so yea...

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#15 Kraven the Hunter

I loved Aaron as Quicksilver and he was hot in Savages so yea I’ll probably tune in. Too bad he couldn’t save that awful Godzilla film though. And I Still can’t believe he married the old lady pedo

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#16 Hunger Games and the Ballad of the Songbirds and Snakes

I didn't ask for Fantastic Beasts and I certainly didn’t ask for more Hunger Games films. Yikes. I will not be paying to see this. Hunger Games 1 (and possibly the last) was the only good film out of that shitty series anyways.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#17 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

I honestly couldn’t even bring myself to finish the first so I dont care much for a sequel. I did enjoy him in Justice League though.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#18 Super Mario Bros

Okay I’m sure any Mario movie is better than that crappy live action one lol. I didn’t ask for this, but both Sonics were actually good, so I’m sure I’ll catch this one too. I’m just not sold on Chris Pratt voicing Mario nor the dude who’s voicing Luigi. But I think Jack Black makes a good Bowser. Peach and Toad seem fine atm. Donkey Kong could’ve had a better voice actor.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#19 Magic Mikes Last Dance

Tbh, Salma is still hot. Channing Tatum, not so much... I don’t think anyone asked for this and seeing them together is cringe. They move great but they look like mother and son or something.

23 Upcoming Films for 2023

#20 Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny

Didn’t realize my boy is back! But I bet he’s still sexy lol. Harrison ole af but somehow he look like he can absolutely still get it 🤣

#21 Wonka

Timothee Chalamet is so adorable! But Dune was boring af so I will not be seeing part 2. And dammit I’m tired of the Chocolate Factory. So no I won’t be watching this.

#22 Haunted Mansion

Who and tf asked for this? Eddie Murphy’s film was epic! But now we have one starring Jared Leto, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, Rosario Dawson, Lakeith Stanfield, Danny Devito, Winona Ryder, Ryan Gosling, and Jamie Lee Curtis. I admit, the cast isn’t bad. I actually like everyone except for Tiffany’s unfunny jokes... better than Amy Schumer i guess.

#23 Saw X

I need Jigsaw to hurry up and find the missing piece to the puzzle because it’s getting old. I loved Saw 2 and Saw 5 wasn’t THAT bad. But the rest I could do without. I won’t be going to see this.

#24 The Flash

So is this movie actually coming out this time around? Because I’m tired of them pushing it back. And apparently Michael Keaton is back as Batman? Wow okay. I’m honestly only interested in Grant Gustins cameo. He’s bae.

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23 Upcoming Films for 2023
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