A New Poem: Rooftops

A New Poem: Rooftops

Can I stand on the rooftops?
On stage?
Print it in a newspaper? (Have you ever even seen one of those?)
A billboard in Times Square?
A post on Quora? Insta?
How can I tell you?

…from where I sit:

You are smart.
You are funny.
You are strong.
You are fierce.
You are independent.
You are vulnerable.
You have heart.
And soul.
In abundance.

As I sip my coffee I ponder fate and chance and how small our huge world is.

I am better because I know you.
The world is better because you’re in it.

I’m putting the coffee down and headed for the rooftops.

A New Poem: Rooftops
A New Poem: Rooftops
A New Poem: Rooftops
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