Who's your least favorite Disney Villain?

I'm sure many of you used to be "Sid". Sadly, lots have been played by a "Prince Hans". Ursula was probably the most clever. Kaa the Snake was funny dumb. BUT SCAR HAS TO BE THE WORST VILLAIN IN ALL OF DISNEY HISTORY!!!

Who's your least favorite Disney Villain?

Who's your least favorite Disney Villain?

Who's your least favorite Disney Villain?

Who's your least favorite Disney Villain?

Who's your least favorite Disney Villain?

Here's a few to choose from:
Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
Jafar (Aladdin)
Shan Yu (Mulan)
Queen of Hearts (Alice/Wonderland)
Gaston (Beauty & the Beast)
Scar (Lion King)
Kaa the Python (Jungle Book)
Prince Hans (Frozen)
Governor (Pocahontas)
Sid (Toy Story)
Mother (Rapunzel)
Evil Queen (Snow White)
Cruella De Vil (Dalmations)
Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Ursula (Little Mermaid)
Facilier (Princess & The Frog)
Shere Khan Tiger (The Jungle Book)
Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)
Clayton (Tarzan)
  • Sid broke my toys!
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  • Cruella skins animals!
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  • Ursula is a man stealer!
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  • Scar killed his own brother!
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  • Hans is a heartbreaker!
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  • Clayton is a poacher!
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm torn! On the one hand, Scar is not only a murderer, but a master manipulator who convinced his nephew that he caused his father's death (can you imagine how guilty he felt?). On the other hand, Hans could emotionally attack the sisters with precision; notice how he told each sister exactly what he knew would break them (if only there was someone out there who loved you/your sister is dead because of you). But on the OTHER hand, Sid ran a torture house for fun! Granted, he didn't know the toys could feel pain, but still.

    The other villians were evil, sure, but to me at least, they aren't anything special. :P

    • I agree with these 3 but I think Ursula was pretty bad. She'll take your man, your legs, and your voice lol

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What Girls Said 8

  • To me hans and sid are both annoying and stupid.

    • Hans was so much cuter than the blinde though :(

    • Blonde

  • Out of this list, I'd pick sassy, diabolical Scar.


    I've loved Maleficent's look for years, though. She's eerily beautiful to me.


    And she can turn into a dragon! But there have been some cool, evil villains.

    • I think the Malificent movie ruined the villain we all know so well

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    • I liked the Maleficent on Disneys Descendants much better. That Kristen lady is beautiful

    • Ah that's cool! I haven't seen that movie or show yet.

  • Scar is the most terrible one, :/ Because he killed his own brother :( I cry whenever I watched that scene..

    • He was also sort of funny, but yea overall horrible

  • I've known so many Hans in my short lifetime so definitely him. :P

  • I actually love Scar. I think he was just trying to do right by the kingdom (and epically failed). He tried to make a partnership that would benefit both the lions and hyenas but ultimately had no experience ruling, and thus, failed.

  • Cruella deville. I hated her when I saw 100 dalmatians.

  • Mother Gothel is my least favorite

  • Depends if you mean I hate them because they're an awful person or I hate them because they're a shitty character.

    Most of the really truly terrible villains I find too entertaining to hate exactly.. I mean Scar is diabolical but he's so damn fun to watch, and I love his song. Cruella is horrific, but again, I love watching her.

    I think one of the scarier Disney villains would be Gaston.

    • Nahhh Gaston was just conceited. But that Asian dude Shan Yu from Mulan was creepy looking with those eyes

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    • So did Prince Hans from Frozen

    • I can't have an opinion on him though because I haven't seen Frozen

What Guys Said 3

  • Scare was always my favorite. there is just something cool about a homicidal lion

    • Nearly all lions are murderous

    • it is different, normal lions do it out of instinct, Scare didn't have to kill his brother, he just wanted to

  • Cruella De Vil

  • I actually liked Sid lol. I thought he was hilarious.


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