What is the best mic to use in recording songs on Smule Sing! app?

Any GaGer who also uses Smule Sing app? I am using Nokia earbuds with mic in recording on my android phone but it sounds treblish though my voice really isn't. :( What is the best way I could do to make it sound more like my voice? Or smoother rather or lesd treblish. Thanks in advance!


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  • So we've been playing with 8 different types of headphones for #Smule #Sing app, sony, skull candy, beats, bose and all sound great but for singing you need a good mic input. For 20 bucks the apple earbuds work best. For both android and iphone were impressed by quality and noise reduction.


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  • I have this app on my iPod Touch. I tried a few phone headsets (earbuds with mic from a Huawei, a Samsung) and my voice sounded like it was echoing in a tin box with all of them... And also with a Sennheiser PX 200IIi where my voice was too toned down.

    My smule! group recommended using the apple earbuds with mic (the one for iphone). For less than 20$ I gave it a try and it's without comparison!
    The voice sounds clear and the small noises around are all well canceled (I can even sing in the living room while my man plays his playstation :D). Even in the rooms where the sound resonates a lot, it works perfectly.

    I didn't test on Android, but try to borrow it from a friend to try ;) Let us know if it works so it could help others!


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