AGREE or DISAGREE: The Lion King is more overrated than Frozen?

I love the Lion King, I think it's a very nicely done movie.

But honestly, people have been gushing over Frozen for like a year, and people are still gushing over THIS movie for 21 years.

Seriously, Lion King fans keep bashing Frozen for having an unoriginal plot. Hello. Hamlet anyone? Even Scar is a generic villain.

Now you tell me, which is more overrated?

eventhough i know what the majority would vote, i made this question because i had nothing better to do.
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seeing the poll results makes me feel disgusted to be born in the 90's era.
apparently the majority of GAG users are born in the 90's and tainted by nostalgia.


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  • i don't bash frozen for the unoriginal plot. i bash frozen because it was poorly made. the plot is extremely disjointed and it's evident from the beginning. you'd think the beginning sequence would play out later in the movie, but they do almost nothing with it (the ice scene). the only thing to come out of that is the fact that kris gets kidnapped. or the fact that the villain was completely a last minute effort. why? because it was originally supposed to follow the story more closely and have the 2 sisters against each other. they ditched that idea so they needed an actual villain.

    or the fact that the elsa couldn't control her powers yet was able to build a fucking ice castle on top of a mountain and construct ice monsters at will... how can you not control your powers again? or the immediate solution to lock a girl 10 years in her room for no reason. like is there literally nothing else that could happen?

    also, my other gripe is that it was made to be a musical. all other disney movies had songs with a purpose or function to get the story along. they complimented the story. frozen is the 1st disney movie i know of where the movie was built around the songs entirely. by that, i mean that the scenes would have no purpose if the songs didn't exist. you can't watch the movie without the songs with it still making sense. and if you still don't believe me, that summer song basically sums up my argument.

    lion king might have been generic, but it is light years better than frozen in terms of the writing and story telling. the entire point of frozen was a marketing gimmick. just look at olaf. he has no purpose.


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  • Lion king is one of the most overrated Disney movies to date..
    But Disney copied something that a man named Osamu Tezuka, died for. By recoloring Kimba the white lion and rehashing it to Lion King. Because it's really wrong on so many levels to take credit for something they didn't even come up with themselves, they just stole the idea to save time and money. It's fucked up. They really didn't have to be sneaky about it and copy a dead man's life long dreams and works.. But Disney is known for being "original" and couldn't bear to ask Tezuka's family, the rightful owners. They stole it.. and this is known as plagiarism.. which is an actual crime. This only proves that Disney can truly get away with anything.. They should have been shut down for fraud years ago.. And not only for this, but ripping off other works as well and flashing freemasonry and illuminati right under our childrens' noses. Because they are infact, the richest cult in the world and will do anything to poison the generations, one after another.


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  • I think it's overrated but I still think it's great. My favorite childhood movies that still hold up in my opinion is the toy story series

  • Frozen haters keeping pointing out every little flaw in "Frozen" or complaining about how people don't see the flaws, yet act as if every single other disney animated movie has no flaws.

    Honestly, this is my biggest pet peeve with the whole Frozen hatedom. Its one thing to criticise it when it actually matters but people find every small, insignificant flaw to dislike Frozen. In case you don't know, just because something is popular doesn't mean its flawless. I seen many people point out every single flaw in Frozen but looks past the flaws in TLK and still calls it the best movie ever. While I know my fanboyism for Frozen isn't any better, there comes a point where I can agree and accept Frozen isn't perffect. But TLK fans are in denial that their favorite movie isn't perfect.

    anyone that votes for B r either hipsters or grew up in the 90s and tainted by nostalgia.

  • They're both just kids films. I mean, the Lion King was alright when I was 8, but not sure I'd rant about how awesome it is now.


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