Do you think Superwoman (Lilly Singh) is fake as fuck?

Do you think Superwoman (Lilly Singh) is fake as fuck?
"When I started making YouTube videos six years ago, I didn’t do it because I wanted to make money. I did it because I wanted to be happy and because I was intrigued by this magical machine called YouTube. Creating content and being creative was exciting, challenging and refreshing. It was a necessary distraction from all the negativity I let into my life at the time. Money and a little fame (that’s weird…) are the result of what I do, not the reason I do them.

If you know me, you know I’m not really about material things. I don’t know anything about brand names, I’ll gladly wear the same t-shirt everyday and 99 cent Mac and Cheese is my heaven. So on that note, this picture isn’t about a fancy car, a status symbol or an attempt to show off. I don’t care about any of that. In my opinion, true wealth is a genuine smile and I don’t see my views on that changing. But this picture does still mean a lot to me because it represents something special.

I am humbled to say this is my first car that I bought all by myself and it’s not about the brand or money. It’s about standing here 6 years after battling depression and feeling proud of myself. It’s about not taking the easy way out and hustling until your eyes want to punch your brain. It’s about taking control of your life and stepping out of your comfort zone.

With the grace of god I’m fortunate enough to celebrate this day. And I’m really excited about it as you can see from my dorky pose. Thank you for allowing me to have so many firsts in life, especially when 6 years ago I would always think about my last."

I'm reading her statement here and she says she is not into material things yet there are youtube video of her buying 1500 dollar shoes. In addition, her above explanation is contradictory she says she is not into material things yet post a pic of herself with her new car and decides to pick a car worth a lot of money to brag rather than a average middle class car.

Is superwoman fake as hell?

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  • i dont see why u can't accept the fact that some people might have just hustled their way to get to where they wanna be. sure she may not be materialistic, but does that mean she can't buy a good pair of shoes if she has the money? give me a fuckin break.

    you expect a woman to make all that money and keep buying 99c mac and cheese. use ur logic.

    • Thats what I'm talking about!👆

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    • @DaniaMQ Actual her life before youtube she was not poor. Pics going back to when she was a little girl actually shows that her family is an upper middle class in Canada and actually helped promote her when she first started comedy.

      It just seems like bragging to me like oh look i got a fancy new car I'm the shit but i don't want to appear as a narcissist so i'm going to write a long winded post about how I'm not materialistic.

    • Look @Asker nevermind. Let every person do what they wanna do. Lets stop judging each other. She is materialistic but she doesn't wanna show it? Okay cool, she is materialistic and she shows it? Also cool. It doesn't really change anything in our lives, so why bother ourselves with it? 🙈

  • We can't really judge her by that. I can't say if she's fake or not because I simply dont read minds. Non of us does. So only God knows if she's saying all that coz she means it or its all just to show she's humble. If she's fake or not just let her be. Does it really matter at the end?


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