Does anyone else hate Jada Pinkett Smith's character (Fish Mooney) on Gotham?

I really like the show but can't stand the character of Fish Mooney. It always seems so over the top with her character. not sure of that is the actress fault or if that is how she was/is told to play the character but i can't stand it. Anyone else?


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  • I don't even watch it. Something about the show bugs me. Whole show feels like it tries to over push drama and edginess on everything, the script just doesn't flow naturally.

    The guy playing Penguin is great though, I know everyone says that but man, the guy is pretty good.

  • She's meh.
    If anything its Barbara that makes me angry. Not the actress, she's wonderful, but the writers literally have no idea what to do with her. Hell I don't even know, most confusing plotline ever with her


    I love the character! Glad she's back.

    But I just enjoy the entertainment. I could pick apart the show based off the comics and inconsistencies, but no point cause it's a pretty good show for what it is to me.