Who was your cartoon crush when you were little?

ok this question randomly came into my head after I answered a question about silly dancing (yes @LegateLanius I'm talking about your question) and I had put a short vid of this character doing a dance.

when I was little I think I had a major crush on Johnny Bravo lol though honestly who couldn't love that show back then or now anyway?

who was your cartoon sweetheart when you were younger?


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  • Omg johnny bravo... that's so long ago. Honestly I couldn't stand the guy, but each their preferences. When I started to grow older... I started seeing Ash from pokemon as a potential crush o. o. The moment that thought popped into my head I thought to myself: wtf... you watched this kid for over 6 years and now you crush on him.. no just no... Well w. e. I was about 12 or 14 back then. But it still creeps me out a little bit xD When I grew older I started having cartoon crushes on naruto characters... they were usually 'older' that helped. I felt like a pedophile for looking at Ash that way... despite being underage myself, I just couldn't xD what a weird teen I was.


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