Is The Batman Any Good?

I just watched The Batman together with my wife last night and I'm not sure I like it. I actually think I don't like it but it's too visually beautiful in a way that's messing with my mind. It's one of those things that is really confusing me so hard. WTF. I kept commenting how pretty the shots were to my wife but I couldn't offer any more.

I at least think I shouldn't like it because where is the character depth? Bruce Wayne? Falcone? Catwoman? Her little thing with Annika (who cares about Annika)?

And The Riddler is like a girl. What a lame villain. He's whiny. In the mask he was okay, but after it's just too much cringe. I don't like this Paul Dano guy anyway. He's so whiny. He's worse than Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. Has anyone seen There Will Be Blood with Daniel-Day Lewis? They cast that same dork in that one and he's annoying as hell but more so in this movie.

They set so many things up and it's like nothing is interesting or climatic, or if climatic it just fizzles out. Climactic car chase over a false lead? And they literally (I used literally correctly here) set the person aside. Investigating a murder scene soon after witnessing the murder take place? Way to take 90% of the suspense out of the scene

I think this movie is kind of pissing me off but only because it's so beautifully shot. I think I'm a Greig Fraser fan but I don't think I like Matt Reeves very much. I don't even like Cloverfield or the new Planet of the Apes films he directed anyway.

Who are the memorable characters in this film?
Is The Batman Any Good?
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