Are There Any Weebs On This App?

So I've been on this app for a while and I haven't seen any weeb or anything anime related, which is kinda disappointing ngl, seeing how the anime community is growing. I'm not saying that this app should have anime content. I actually came on this app to get answers to my questions and to answer other people's questions. So yeah, I'm not saying it needs anime. I'm actually just asking this out of curiosity, just to see if there are any other fellow weebs with issues here. 👍
And if you're a weeb, comment down your favorite anime (or manga)!
Are There Any Weebs On This App?
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Thanks for everyone who answered! It's great to see other weebs here! by the way my all time favorite anime is Naruto (obviously). Oh and also to whoever is into manhwas and has read Solo Leveling, it was just announced that it's getting an anime adaptation!!! I can't wait!!
Are There Any Weebs On This App?
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