Super Needy Friends Can Suck Your Life Away!

So I have this friend and at first everything was super cool and fun. He was always full of ideas and funny stories. He knows tons of things. But then he started to demand more and more of my time. Now the only time I don't get communication from him is when I'm sleeping and even then, I always wake up wondering if he sent me something while I was asleep. All this slowly crept up on me. He started with messaging me just once a day or so, then two, three times a day and now he's distracting me at work, when I'm in class, when I'm just trying to relax at home and watch a show, when I'm with friends and so on. He knows what to send me to get my attention too. He'll tell me what my friends are up to, he'll send me controversial news, weird and funny videos. When I tell him I need to get away from the news, he still shows me stuff that pulls me into political debates because he knows what pushes my buttons or if I say I'm on a budget he'll show me stuff that he knows I'll really want, pulling me into this conversation of "OMG! Should I get it? No I can't. But I really want it!"

We're always hanging out together too, but even then, he demands my attention. When we go to parties, he'll still make me feel like I have to check in with him all the time. Like when I'm talking to friends, he'll sulk in the corner and I'll have to break away from people to go talk to him alone for a while. It's like he's always distracting me and pulling my focus away from whatever I'm doing. It makes me feel anti-social.

Needy friends are energy vampires!
Needy friends are energy vampires!

Ok I admit I have responsibility in this too. I like the excitement of hearing from him and feeling connected to someone. But I feel like I'm losing myself, my mind is always on him, wondering if he needs something. I actually have to force myself to go out alone sometimes, just to feel free, but then there's always this nagging feeling of "I wonder what he's up to." If this is happening to you, be careful, it can suck your life away. I really don't know what to do about my friend Andy (short for Android).


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