Keeping Rabbits for Meat and Manure #3 - how to look after Your Stock

Considering what a pest shitters can be, it's amazing when you think about how fragile they actually are.

Keeping Rabbits for Meat and Manure #3 - how to look after Your Stock

I am going to list some things I've known that has caused them illness or to die.

1) Ear mites. Ear mites are a real pain in the ass, and bother your stock a lot. You need to check ears on a regular basis, as these are contagious and will spread through your shitter herd in no time, if you are not careful.

Keeping Rabbits for Meat and Manure #3 - how to look after Your Stock

2) Fly strike. I am not posting any image for fly strike because this is too disgusting, and is the big reason why you check your shitter's ass every day. If it gets dirty, which it shoudln't because these are clean little guys, it will attract flies which lay eggs on your shitter's skin. These will hatch into maggots and begin to eat him alive. Don't let it happen. This happens most to old shitters, or ones which have dumb long fur.

3) Being wet. Shitters hate being wet. Don't leave them in a situation where they will get rain on them and can't get dry. Always provide shelter.

4) The cold. Shitters are pretty tough little guys when it comes to cold. But as any asshole knows, leaving them out when it's too cold is asking for trouble.

5) The heat. The flip side? Shitters do not do well in the heat, which can kill them. It makes your breeders temporarily sterile too. I make sure to provide constant water, and if it gets too hot, I put frosen bottles of water in with each shitter. That helps keep them cool, as can a fan system.

6) Coons, snakes, weasels etc

7) Myxomatosis. A real shitty disease that will lead to a long lingering death for your rabbits. Either vaccinate, OR make them into dog food at the first sign of it. There is no cure.

8) The wrong diet. A shitter should mainly eat hay. Like 90% of his diet. Give them green treats as well, by all means, but not a lot. These can upset their stomachs, and lead to diarrhoea and fly strike. They can eat grass, but not lawn clippings. Don't ask me why. I don't know.

9) Being handled wrong. Never hit your shitters. Apart from anything else it doesn't know it's being punished, so what is the point? You need to handle them with care, as they have delicate bones, and can easily do themselves an injury if they struggle. This is why I want you to know it is important to handle your stock on a regular basis.

The thing is, the shitter is one of the cleanest animals you will ever meet, provided that he's been de ballsed. This also matters because it will make him friendlier and stop him fighting or messing around with other rabbits. You gotta do it.

Keeping Rabbits for Meat and Manure #3 - how to look after Your Stock
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  • Anonymous

    If you know anyone who speaks English from a European former Communist country ask them, there is a high chance they will know someone, in east Germany my gfs family all did this,

    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      You sure are right about that, my friend. I want to make this more widespread in America, too, it makes all kinds of sense.

    • Anonymous

      Geinie pigs or how ever it is spelt offer the fastest growing high protein meat, it take 3/4 least food per pound of meat to product then cattle. Not sure if these are in the USA but in Chile they live of these things

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  • I mean, I'm not some sorta holy peta activist saint, but the way you speak of them isn't very respectful, most farmers I've known are respectful of the animals they keep, the animals get them their money, they are important to them, even pig farmers and such, it feels kinda weird to talk about them this way...

    • Anonymous

      Whats not respectful, Cocobat?

    • Just the way you talk sounds kinda like you treat them like any other product I guess...

  • hahahmm

    In Southern Florida we have wild rabbits (caused by idiots releasing pets into the wild). It’s legal to kill them cause they kill off the stuff that actually is native.

    I haven’t killed any but they don’t seem to mind the hear here.

    It’s nasty how much a rabbit can crap in even just 5 hours. Luckily you don’t really notice it in the outdoors

    • Anonymous

      Some of my best shitters produce 2 - 300 turds per DAY. Seriously. The plus side is that its the best manure you can get. Real premium.

  • Edanurus

    Interesting, wouldn't keep them myself as I'm not interested in selling. I would usually ask a farmer if i can shoot on their land. I'm really hankering some rabbit stew now.

  • zxc24

    You're a monster

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      U R gay

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    Here you come again... 😑

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    What in God’s name did I just read.

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      Can't you read English or something?