Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?

Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?

The Simple Answer

To children, particularly before puberty, bodies just have parts and functions. They won't exhibit any inhibition or embarrassment unless it comes from messaging they pick up on from the adults in the world around them, not from within themselves.

A fairly common topic of conversation when discussing parenting, the question of nudity at home is usually a controversial one.

The simple answer is that bodies, in their bare, natural form, are not damaging for a child to see. While research is relatively limited on the topic, there is a general consensus that there is no harm in exposure to parental nudity. One such study states that "Given the vehemence with which clinicians and child-rearing specialists often condemn childhood exposure to parental nudity, it is paradoxical that their dire predictions are not supported by the (scant) empirical work that does exist. Findings are at worst neutral or ambiguous as to interpretation, and there is even the implication of possible positive benefits in these studies (particularly for boys) in domains such as self-reported comfort with physical affection and positive "body self-concept." (Okami,, 1998).

Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?

Set Boundaries Around Nudity

One thing parents may worry about is that if they let their children be nude at home, that they will think its okay to be nude anywhere, but most children understand that home is different than elsewhere. They understand that nudity isn't allowed at the store, and its reinforced by the fact that their parent's aren't nude at the store. They also can easily understand that rules around nudity are different for family than when others are around.

Its also okay for not all members of the household to have the same comfort level with nudity. Its important though to let your kids know its for privacy, not shame, embarrassment, or anything else negative.

Be Ready For Questions

Children notice differences between themselves and their parents. Its natural for them to have questions about it. Questions range from why some bodies have hair to why mommy doesn't have a penis (or daddy does). While it may be a little uncomfortable at first to answer these questions, answering them honestly demystifies and explains bodies as the questions occur, leading to a more inclusive and positive approach to addressing these topics than a single "talk." Use actual terms for body parts and explain differences in age appropriate ways.

Be in the habit of asking yourself- what messages do I want my children to understand about their bodies, others’ bodies, and how to navigate the world around them? What am I doing now to support these messages? What may I be doing to hinder these messages?



Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?
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  • newandold
    I think its a good thing but only if done right.
    I want to be able to teach my kids that a nude body in itself is not a sexual object. Sex and the bare human body are 2 different things.

    I don't want them growing up thinking that being naked is only for sex. I want them to have the maturity to be able to see a human body and just see it for what it is. Sex is something special that happens between 2 people that are attracted to each other and sexual attraction occurs with or without clothing being involved.
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    • Dont be an idiot and just do things like normal people do. Western idiots i swear

  • Scarecrow13
    People's problem with children being exposed to nudity is their inability to separate nudity from sex. But that is a culturally taught idea. Children start off with a perfectly innocent view of nudity, and certainly not anything psychologically damaging. As they grow it will give them a better understanding of their bodies.
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    • No its not. Nothing cultural about a dick getting hard. Its nature. Not culture.

    • @startingfitness It's natural in the sense that it's a natural response to something you find sexually stimulating. If nudity is something that you only see in the context of sex, then it is sexually stimulating. If however, you see nudity outside a sexual context, then it is not necessarily sexually stimulating. Ever go to a nudist venue you will quickly realize this.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Apple1996
    My kids see me naked all the time. I dont think it's bad, They should be comfortable with seeing others naked. People tend to think just because someone is naked that its sexual but it really isn't. Always being clothed is like telling them its wrong to be naked and we should be uncomfortable with our bodies and that just isn't healthy
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    • SueAnon84

      It's not normal to society (that's why there are nude beaches around!)... Society is currently uncomfortable with nudity (and that's ok!). I don't need to see stranger's bodies walking, running around (what's the point?) Unless it's for sex, I really don't see the need to be naked! That's why it's supposed to be special! If nothing is covered anymore then there will be less surprised and specialty to it! ... STOP trying to control what others do and to lead things backwards! Clothes were invented for a reason. For protection and for style. I hope it stays that way!

    • Apple1996

      @SueAnon84 we are born nude, that's how we are suppose to be. We shouldn't be uncomfortable seeing others naked. Even If it's a complete stranger🤷‍♀️

    • Go live in the jungle then, if you dont want to act civilized

  • Ellie-V
    When I have kids, we are NOT going to treat bodies like they are some taboo evil. That’s like the first step to continuing the cycle of everything in this society being hyper sexualized.
    It is a shame that most still get uncomfortable by watching a damn baby being fed 😒
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    • DianaWest

      what? i find it strange that people feel uncomfortable seeing naked babies too. but being fed? come on. it's a baby!

    • *facepalm

    • Ellie-V

      Apparently witnessing breast function in the way they were meant to is the work of Satan

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  • lumos
    As someone who lives in Finland, this seems like a bit of ridiculous question to even ask. The sauna is a Finnish invention, and you're actually meant to sauna naked. Not in a towel or in a bathing suit. It's normal for families, relatives and friends to all sauna naked together. Sometimes it's women/men only, and sometimes mixed. The naked body is therefore pretty normal here.
    • I hear what you are saying, but you have to understand how brutal American culture is, especially toward men. Just hugging your tween/teenager can be enough for people to start talking about things like "she has breasts now and he hugged her, that's creepy"!!

      Men in the U. S. have to set very clear boundaries and be careful with even basic things like bathing kids and changing diapers. I would NEVER shower or bathe with my daughter for exactly this reason.

      All a woman has to do in the U. S. to get custody of her children during a divorce is imply that the father "acts inappropriately toward the child" and courts will prevent the father from seeing his kids, and quite possibly have him sent to jail! Here in the U. S. simply being accused of "touching " a child (even your own kid) can have the most drastic consequences.

    • lumos

      @KrakenAttackin I think it's more creepy to automatically think a dad has ulterior motives just because he's hugging his own daughter. Absurd. Says more about the accuser than it does of the accused.

    • I completely agree, but that's where we are in the U. S. Women have NO problem using this "nuclear" accusation to get what they want and the courts just go along with them.

      Women in the U. S. have been conditioned that "scorched earth" is perfectly acceptable to get what they want when dealing with men. Just look at #MeToo, our "family courts", pop culture.

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  • ElissaDido
    Interesting take.
    I don't know but I grew up seeing my mom naked often and it was normal for us. I'd even close her bra for her. But not entirely naked she did cover down there. So for me it's normal.

    However I've never seen my dad naked lol. And I'm glad I haven't tbh.
  • Randomawkwardness
    At around 1 to 2, they don't need to see you naked. At around 4 to 5, you don't need to be seeing them naked as much and it should stop by 7 to 8. A lot of people aren't going to think 'oh its natural and unharmful' when you're walking around nude with your 7 year old playing in the livingroom. It becomes super weird at a certain point and children should not be exposed to that, it will have lasting effects and most of them will not be positive.
  • Rapidash
    This is just my opinion but I think if everyone was a bit more comfortable with showing their body, body standards imposed by the media wouldn’t be such a big issue. I don’t have children but when I do I would like them to know what an average body looks like, and that it’s normal not to be ashamed of it. I grew up in a home where being naked is natural and has nothing to do with sex really. If anything being raised that way made me more comfortable with being naked in front of my partner.
    • This is an easy attitude for a woman to take, it is not so easy for a man.

    • Rapidash

      @KrakenAttackin I wouldn’t know :) but what I would want to know is why and when the heck did people become so shy...

    • SueAnon84

      Actually it wouldn't have made a difference because in my household you just don't walk around naked like that and that's fine! ... It certainly didn't stop me from getting intimate with my significant other! I think you're just assuming things just like the person who posted this stupid Mytake!

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  • lenlenxyz
    I work in the healthcare field so I'm adjusting to seeing people nude. If I ever had any kids in the future, I most likely would let them see my body because my body is by far the most perfect out there. I really want them to learn, embrace, love, and be confident in their own body because society is an ugly place to be in.
    • lenlenxyz

      I mean the most imperfect body

    • SueAnon84

      Lol that one type-o made you sound very arrogant/narcissistic... but hey! Glad you corrected it!

    • lenlenxyz

      @SueAnon84 lmao I knew I had to come back and check it! Haha SEE, just proves I'm even more imperfect than I am!

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Up to certain ages, it's okay. When kids reach the ages where they can distinguish genitals & their functions, that's when parents should avoid nudity in front of them altogether.
  • markscott
    Nudity at home gives children an opportunity to understand a positive body image, and an ability to withstand the negatives we see about our bodies in society. That makes for a good, solid self esteem, that is not inflated. Thus, they have a good, solid basis for personal growth as a preteen, teen, and as an adult.
    • SueAnon84

      I don't need to see my mom nor my dad naked to have a positive or healthy body image of myself!

    • markscott

      @SueAnon84 : It's fine that you don't need to see your parents nude to have a healthy body image. However, the reality is, that millions and millions of girls have a poor body image. This often happens because of unrealistic expectation of what a person needs to, or is expected to, look like. And often there is shame of her body as well. If a girl is brought up where her body is just accepted as good, and she sees others with imperfect bodies, it can help a lot with her body image. Of course, this is only effective if done in a non-sexual way.

  • MissDawn7961
    the photo shows a woman in a bath tub with two children ! now if they are doing this because they can not afford to have separate baths then ok but if she is doing this for any other reason then she is a tramp of a mom ! the funny part will be when her children tell others about moms sagging breasts , her ugly vagina and so forth ! when the child says this to all the kids in school and the neighborhood then mom will loose custody of the children - calling mom a child molester or a child sex offender - ! Thanks
    • If the father was in the bath tub with two kids, the house would soon be surrounded by people with torches and pitch forks.

    • @KrakenAttackin I've bathed with my son a few times. I'm pretty sure he just thought it was cool that dad was in the tub with him. Children don't automatically associate nudity with sex. To them its just a body, and that body has parts. They could care less about that.

    • markscott

      Misdawn: You are really getting carried away here. Obviously you have some issues with nudity. But to say nudity around children results in all kinds of talk about how mom and dad look, and results in losing custody of the children, is really off the wall bananas.

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  • wynn-ing
    I'M too self-conscious to do that... but I think it's completely fine and even great! The openess just shows comfort in one's body and that's amazing.
  • Pink2000
    I see my mom naked everyday... nudity isn’t a big deal to her.
  • I saw my parents naked once and it seared my eyes forever. No way to unsee that!
    • Was the second picture done on purpose?

    • @startingfitness of course- the part I wanted to unsee and what seared my eyeballs.

    • Oh dear, its worse than what i first thought. I hope its not in your head anymore.

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  • Debs1
    Think it is perfectly natural and healthy for kids to see you nakedin a non sexual way
  • Robertcw
    You know what, I'm going to say yes and let's encourage this.

    I grew up in a neurotic catholic home and freaking out about nudity and genitalia messed me up in the head all the way up until about age 22.

    Feeling guilty or ashamed over nudity is the wrong thing. Hiding it and making it seem bad makes a shameful thing so I think embracing nudity at home is really great. 😫

    We were not born with clothes and I see no reason to wear them (except to prevent skin cancer).
  • Gena-2005
    Nooo, I've seen to many of my moms boyfriend and started liking it from just being curious.
    • To be fair, a parent's boy or girlfriend is different than your actual parent or even step parent.

    • Gena-2005

      NO, I may not have a dad but I loved a couple of them and not it that way.

    • Wait, what? You have seen your Mom's boyfriends naked? UNACCEPTABLE!

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  • emmily2396
    It is ok as long as it happens on accident, not on purpose, especially for the mother since the kid has already seen everything at birth and at breastfeeding... we just forget it because we were so young. So no, you shouldn't be mad at yourself if it happens, but you shouldn't walk naked around the house either.
  • razelove
    Well, for the sake of efficiency my wife and saving time my wife and I would take turns washing the girls and taking a shower at the same time. That stopped when the oldest turned 4 and started asking pointed questions, also about the time kids start remembering things... just too awkward to save 15-20 minutes a day
  • MayorGoldieWilson
    How old are your children?
    You might have said and I missed it, apologies if so.

    I think it depends on age and whether your children are male or female. It’s the same question as how long should you kiss your children on the lips for (both parents). Gets to a certain age where it’s just weird. I’d say the line should be drawn for nudity around 6 years old, especially if a boy.
    • Right now, I have a 2 year old son. We're not planning on changing our habits around nudity, at least not as soon as 6 years old.

    • You can do what you like, he’s your kid.

      I think it’s not so bad for boys to see their dads in the nude and girls to see their mums, but there shouldn’t be a cross over... especially after 6-8.

  • Twalli
    I used to see my parents naked fairly often as a kid. Not to mention I bnb used to take bats with both my female cousin and sister when we were little. I knew boys and girls were different, but I thought nothing of it.
  • LuckyChuck
    My son showers with me cause it's easier and that's about close to him seeing me naked but I don't have any problems with it, doing that at least gets him comfortable with changing and showering with others
  • pleasestopthis
    My father never showed his nudity in front of us (his daughters) and he saw us naked until we were 6 or so, but my mom doesn't mind being naked in front of me or my sisters and we feel the same way.
  • najekim
    Studies have shown that family Naturism, or nudism if you prefer, produce more healthy children who become more open-minded and well balanced adults than families who pound into their children that the nude body is shameful, or worse yet, sinful. And have less social hang-ups too.
  • Curabyron
    Nudity is normall at home, maybe some kids lack nudity because some kids end up being complete pervs obssessed with private areas.
  • R_ūshī
    When they're toddlers and really small kids (5 y/o), ig it's okay.

    But older kids than that I don't think it's good for the girls to see dad or the boys to see mom naked. I get where you're coming from tho.

    I saw my mom naked several times over the course of my life and we're like best friends... Idm her seeing me naked too and my dad and my brother have the same relationship too. BUT I'D NEVER LIKE TO SEE MY DAD'S CROTCH.

    Ik the make anatomy. I had sex ed, did biology. I MEAN IT'S FINE. I DON'T NEED TO SEE MY DAD NAKED.
  • Dulaney10
    I think it’s not a bad thing but unfortunately the way the world is now you have to be careful about everything you do... little Susie goes to school and says something the wrong way (cause kids do) to her friend who then tells her parent then cps is called and there ya go... seen it happen many times so sad...
  • startingfitness
    There is no science needed for this one. No kid wants to see their parents naked.

    If they are babies and they dont remember then i guess it doesn't matter. But any kid who can remember will think you are weird af for that.

    Just put on some clothes
    • I saw my parents naked. And my great grandmother. I didn't think any of it was weird. They were changing clothes to put on bathing suits, or clothes or in the bathtub. Completely normal scenarios.

    • SueAnon84

      @Screenwriter Maybe because you're asexual. Naked bodies are called private parts for a reason!

    • @SueAnon84 Not asexual and never have been. It's quite normal and ordinary to see people naked before and during a bath/shower that you might accidentally walk in on, or them changing into clothes in their bedroom or the bathroom. No one was waving around their private parts like an exotic dancer. 98 percent of our bodies are NOT sexual organs, but skin over muscle and bone.

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  • crmoore
    I saw my dad once when he got out of the shower and I was like "ew, gross" but I'm entirely fine. It's like if you see anything else gross like dog's bowel movement or someone throwing up. It probably wouldn't have been so "ew" if my dad had taken better care of his body.
  • genericname85
    of course it is ok as long as it is outside of sexual context. being naked isn't something that's morally wrong, specially not within your own family and your own house...
  • Porcelaine
    False. I remember seeing both of my parents naked WAY before puberty. Once when I was just the toddler, I know this because I remember being in a crib seeing the room as if it was through bars of a prison cell haha. My dad walked by bottomless and I still remember this as it was a shock to the system. Same with my mom, I was a bit bigger but young enough for her to take us both showering, I was just tall enough to look directly into her privates, that image stayed with me too. Both times I was very aware this is wrong and I should not be seeing this, even though I was too young to realize what those parts are even for.
    • markscott

      Porcelaine: Had you grown up seeing your parents naked, there would have been no shock. Just a natural understanding of what our bodies look like, and what is normal.

    • SueAnon84

      @markscott Are you trying to change her perspective from what she ACTUALLY experienced? Lol are you kidding me right now?

      She got truamatized for a REASON! .. And so she DID grow up seeing her parents naked and she didn't like it! Why is it that big of a deal to you (and to people) anyway what parents do in their private homes? ! Whether there's clothes involved or not? Are you a psychologist? Was this an actual study done? ! Or what this just something stupid that people have come up with to complain about or to try to change the way their parenting is done!

    • Porcelaine

      @markscott there is always a schock of something inappropriate happening for the first time. Yes I would no longer be shocked if they continued doing this everyday since I would get used to it. But just because this is something a person can get used to, does not mean it should be done

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  • This is like is it safe to kiss your kids on their lips? Man thats just weird and why not avoid it?
  • Firehead_gymnast
    I’m a single mother and I have no problem with it maybe in a few years but now it’s ok
    • SueAnon84

      Why are you a single mother if I can ask? Where's the father? !

  • Djaay
    My own family did so numerous times , genrally unexpectantly tho. All 10 kids and my wife and I.
    All of us are sexually secure tho. But I had a lot of boundries implied.
    My culture tho is a lot different than western culture and we handle consequences differently also.
  • Meatunnel69
    I saw my dad get out the shower once and was taken aback by his elephant trunk penis
    • I was probably like 5 or 6 so my pp was microscopic

    • My son has seen me nude (almost daily) his whole life. As I stated in the myTake, kids know there are differences between adults bodies and their bodies, aside from the genitals, so they aren't going to get hung up on comparing size, hair, etc., as long as its not made taboo.

  • Kayla45
    Yeah, I've seen my mom a couple of times and nothing came from it.
  • nomadia
    Being a mom of 3 kids I say it's ok to some degree. I had 2 girls first so I was ok being nude with them but when I had my last which was a boy that thought changed for me when he turned 3yrs cuz at that age they start to develop a memory bank and learn the ability to retain information so I stopped changing in front of him etc. Boys are different... with my girls I still do and there 3 and 7yrs. See with them it different cuz girls can related to women in a sense of their bodies are growing and will change so in that sense it won't be all new and scary to them... it will be expected. The boy i let him be with his dad that way cuz only a man can really relate totally to a boy cuz he once was.
    • SueAnon84


    • markscott

      omadia: It might have been nice, if you had given your son the opportunity to grow up, understanding what a normal woman looks like, and that nudity, and women in general, are not just about sex.

    • SueAnon84

      @markscott He will have the opportunity to know what a normal woman looks like through his wife. Plus, I am pretty sure that when he reaches puberty, he will have PLENTY of examples! ... I don't need to see my dad naked to know what a normal man looks like!

      Children should not be concerned about what a normal naked body looks like... they're too young for that. Naked adults bodies should be shared only with your husband/significant other/lover... no body else!

      They aren't called secondary sex characteristics for nothing..

  • crazy8000
    It usually creates more problems if you are avoiding it, also to be prude, behave funny with nakedness.
  • Lemia
    I mean Babies and Toddlers see their mum naked and no harm is done but there is a cut off point when the child is old enough to understand.

    Unless you live in nudist community.
  • adidas0169
    If your kids are really young lets say under 8 or so fine whatever. but there should be a age where you dont cross. i understand mistakes do happened like walking while they are changing etc that i get but like i said before really young who cares
  • Nitnit2585
    It's just uncomfortable. Nothing wrong with those who do it, but I feel embarrassed.
  • Browneye57
    When they're little it's fine. When they're older it's not.
    It's pretty easy. Why is everybody so confused these days?
  • morrowlow
    Okay let's assume that nudity between children and parents has no harmful effect on children but one question still remains; why would i want to see my child naked? or why would i want my children to see me naked?
    • Only in context. I'd run across my parent changing clothes, walk into the bathroom when I didn't know someone was bathing... Nothing about it was weird and no one ever said being naked was shameful. That's ridiculous. I took baths with my great grandmother until I was about 6. I never felt weird about adult bodies clothes or naked. I didn't feel weird about kid bodies either. They were just what we had.

  • I have seen my mom and grandma naked several times as a kid, teen and adult because they just don't care to show their bodies around their kids, nevertheless I don't believe kids should be seeing their parents naked.
  • PinknGold
    I don’t have a problem with it. Don’t see why it’d be wrong
  • It's not a bad thing and doesn't mean it's sexual. I think nudity is overrated. I can see a woman naked and wouldn't mean I got excited.
  • Screenwriter
    Growing up I rarely saw my mother, and less often, my dad, partially nude. It didn't bother me. I was curious, but I never asked about it. I knew the general information about the physical differences between men and women.
    As a parent, I bathed with my son until he was 4. Then he asked, Mommy, where's you penis, to which I told him, mom is a woman and women don't have penises, son. Your dad has one. He's a man. You have one. You're a boy. This didn't bother me. But during the same bathing session, my son grabbed at my breasts as if they were his toys. So I said to myself this was the red flag that mutual bath time was no longer appropriate. I was sad because it saved water and time and I knew every part of my son was clean because I was there the whole time helping to wash him! But he had to learn to wash himself, so that worked too.
    • I can see why you made that choice. I think there are more ways to address that, but I don't judge you for not continuing bathing with him.

    • I didn't want to discuss my body vs. your body with a 4 year old because I'd read that they believe they are part of you... which is why he asked where my penis was. I recall bathing with my great grandmother until I was in second grade I think. But we were both females... It was an interesting view of an older woman's body though. I remember we'd have conversations about her garden or school or stuff like that. She was a wonderful woman. Raised my mom. Treated me and my brother equally. No favoritism. I felt loved and cared for with her. Funny what a bathtub can do for you.

    • markscott

      match: good reply.

  • AngelLily
    I would say around children of the same gender it might be ok if your changing clothes and just got out the shower.
    • markscott

      Angel: It's only shameful and sexual, if you make it that way. Nudity with children can be simple, and a very good learning process for them. Not just about body parts, but about self esteem, and what a normal body looks like, and that we don't need to feel shame if our bodies are not perfect.

    • SueAnon84

      @markscott I think the shame is comming from the media, not children! When I have children, I will NOT try to purposely traumatize them with my naked body! It's not that I am ashamed of it but I just don't see the point in walking around the house with your birthday suit! It's called private parts for a reason! ... I am not about to encourage them to run around outside naked so...

  • serious
    No it is not okay irrespective to whether you have kids or not.
  • NatalieKeller95
    my nephew seen me naked many times, it was embarrassing, but I'm also a nudist, I had to quickly throw on a pair of leggings and a tank top, even though I like being without clothes
  • Superincel55
    Son seeing dad naked - ok
    Daughter seeing mother naked - ok

    Son seeing mother naked and daughter seeing father naked - in heavens name and everything that's good in this world DON'T EVER LET THAT HAPPEN
  • Nic1330
    sure just as long as it's not done with any wrong intentions.
  • NorthwestRider
    It is fine and natural

    Being naked is 100% natural