Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?

Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?

The Simple Answer

To children, particularly before puberty, bodies just have parts and functions. They won't exhibit any inhibition or embarrassment unless it comes from messaging they pick up on from the adults in the world around them, not from within themselves.

A fairly common topic of conversation when discussing parenting, the question of nudity at home is usually a controversial one.

The simple answer is that bodies, in their bare, natural form, are not damaging for a child to see. While research is relatively limited on the topic, there is a general consensus that there is no harm in exposure to parental nudity. One such study states that "Given the vehemence with which clinicians and child-rearing specialists often condemn childhood exposure to parental nudity, it is paradoxical that their dire predictions are not supported by the (scant) empirical work that does exist. Findings are at worst neutral or ambiguous as to interpretation, and there is even the implication of possible positive benefits in these studies (particularly for boys) in domains such as self-reported comfort with physical affection and positive "body self-concept." (Okami,, 1998).

Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?

Set Boundaries Around Nudity

One thing parents may worry about is that if they let their children be nude at home, that they will think its okay to be nude anywhere, but most children understand that home is different than elsewhere. They understand that nudity isn't allowed at the store, and its reinforced by the fact that their parent's aren't nude at the store. They also can easily understand that rules around nudity are different for family than when others are around.

Its also okay for not all members of the household to have the same comfort level with nudity. Its important though to let your kids know its for privacy, not shame, embarrassment, or anything else negative.

Be Ready For Questions

Children notice differences between themselves and their parents. Its natural for them to have questions about it. Questions range from why some bodies have hair to why mommy doesn't have a penis (or daddy does). While it may be a little uncomfortable at first to answer these questions, answering them honestly demystifies and explains bodies as the questions occur, leading to a more inclusive and positive approach to addressing these topics than a single "talk." Use actual terms for body parts and explain differences in age appropriate ways.

Be in the habit of asking yourself- what messages do I want my children to understand about their bodies, others’ bodies, and how to navigate the world around them? What am I doing now to support these messages? What may I be doing to hinder these messages?



Is It Okay For My Kids To See Me Naked?
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  • newandold
    I think its a good thing but only if done right.
    I want to be able to teach my kids that a nude body in itself is not a sexual object. Sex and the bare human body are 2 different things.

    I don't want them growing up thinking that being naked is only for sex. I want them to have the maturity to be able to see a human body and just see it for what it is. Sex is something special that happens between 2 people that are attracted to each other and sexual attraction occurs with or without clothing being involved.
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    • Dont be an idiot and just do things like normal people do. Western idiots i swear

  • Scarecrow13
    People's problem with children being exposed to nudity is their inability to separate nudity from sex. But that is a culturally taught idea. Children start off with a perfectly innocent view of nudity, and certainly not anything psychologically damaging. As they grow it will give them a better understanding of their bodies.
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    • No its not. Nothing cultural about a dick getting hard. Its nature. Not culture.

    • @startingfitness It's natural in the sense that it's a natural response to something you find sexually stimulating. If nudity is something that you only see in the context of sex, then it is sexually stimulating. If however, you see nudity outside a sexual context, then it is not necessarily sexually stimulating. Ever go to a nudist venue you will quickly realize this.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Apple1996
    My kids see me naked all the time. I dont think it's bad, They should be comfortable with seeing others naked. People tend to think just because someone is naked that its sexual but it really isn't. Always being clothed is like telling them its wrong to be naked and we should be uncomfortable with our bodies and that just isn't healthy
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    • SueAnon84

      It's not normal to society (that's why there are nude beaches around!)... Society is currently uncomfortable with nudity (and that's ok!). I don't need to see stranger's bodies walking, running around (what's the point?) Unless it's for sex, I really don't see the need to be naked! That's why it's supposed to be special! If nothing is covered anymore then there will be less surprised and specialty to it! ... STOP trying to control what others do and to lead things backwards! Clothes were invented for a reason. For protection and for style. I hope it stays that way!

    • Apple1996

      @SueAnon84 we are born nude, that's how we are suppose to be. We shouldn't be uncomfortable seeing others naked. Even If it's a complete stranger🤷‍♀️

    • Go live in the jungle then, if you dont want to act civilized

  • Ellie-V
    When I have kids, we are NOT going to treat bodies like they are some taboo evil. That’s like the first step to continuing the cycle of everything in this society being hyper sexualized.
    It is a shame that most still get uncomfortable by watching a damn baby being fed 😒
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    • DianaWest

      what? i find it strange that people feel uncomfortable seeing naked babies too. but being fed? come on. it's a baby!

    • *facepalm

    • Ellie-V

      Apparently witnessing breast function in the way they were meant to is the work of Satan

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  • fulloflife
    Nah... My kids r never seeing me nude
  • bannacookies
    Is everyone just that sex high now?
  • dancing_tiger711
    Why not, you’re related
  • FunkyMonkee
    I don't see why not.
  • Katyluvkats
    They do on occasion
  • Legendhardon
    I dont think its ok i dont want to see them ewww.
  • KaraAyna
    It's not good for me
  • Brown_mommi85
    Why the heck wouldn’t it not be ok?
  • Femalesinquiremales
    No that mentally scars children
    • Draxxi

      The mentality of not being ashamed of your body?

    • Do you have any evidence of that?

    • @Scarecrow13 Everyone who's experienced it ya pedo. No child wants to see their parent naked, they do know what they're looking at. I swear once you get passed 30 you genuinely become retarded

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  • Asianqueen93
    To a certain extent
  • Duddey
    Shit yes
  • I dnt see any problem in that untill certain age
  • Joker_
  • hijgh32
    no its not
  • Anonymous
    whats the answer to "mummy why dont you have a penis?" so difficult !
    • My son doesn't seem to concerned about that.

    • Anonymous

      I dont have kids yet

    • markscott

      Anon: Questions such as 'mummy, why don't you have a penis', will come anyway. When children are used to a healthy body image, these questions come without shame. You give the same answer to the child, that you would give if you had clothes on.

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  • Anonymous
    The only reason I’ll say “no” is because it could bring up some weird shit later in life. What if a boy grows up seeing his mom’s naked body and ends up noticing similarities (or making comparisons) between her body and his girlfriend’s?

    The human body is natural and nothing to be ashamed of etc., but these are your PARENTS. It would be very awkward for some of us. Hell, if I’d seen my dad naked when I was a kid, it would’ve scarred me for life. *shudders*
    • markscott

      Anon: If seeing your dad naked, being a difficult issue for you, is only because it has been how he looks, and what is normal for a man, was kept secret from you as a child. I'd seen my mother naked as a child, and I understood what she looked like, and knew it was not about sex at all. I have never had the slightest difficulty differentiating between the non-sexual sense with my mother, and the sexual connotations with women I loved as an adult. The two images just don't happen together, because the context is so different.

    • SueAnon84

      @markscott Why is it such a big deal to your whether people saw their parents naked or not? I don't get the person who wrote this My Take either. Why make a big deal out of it if like you (and the poster of this My Take) is saying that it's NOT a big deal? !

  • Anonymous
    This is some white people shit.
    • Crowferret

      I'm black and my mom was naked all the time when I was a kid

    • Anonymous

      @Crowferret that’s creepy asf

    • Crowferret

      How was it creepy, yeah, it's weird but not creepy. It's her house.

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  • Anonymous
    I mean... if your children are very, very young... I don't see a problem with it. If your children are like 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... then it can get weird. Kids talk about sex, too. Not the way that adults talk about sex, though.

    I remember when I was 8 years old in third grade... my friends used to brag about seeing their adult cousin naked by accident or they used to talk about hearing their parents having sex.
  • Anonymous
    Nudity was very normal in my house. Me, my mum, my dad, my brother and sister didn’t mind being naked in front of each other. We are family it’s fine. We were all fine about it most day’s but now I’ve moved out
  • Anonymous
    Depend, you don't want your little girl asking what's hanging in front of you right?
    • Entire families live and are brought up in nudist camps and nobody there sees anything wrong with any of that. Same with loads of other cultures around the world where entire villages run around naked all the time and nobody there raises any kind of a fuss over it. If the kids are completely used to seeing naked people and being naked most/all of the time, they won't think twice about it next time it happens. It's only in highly religious cultures, like ours, that makes nudity a sin when that's how their god created us!! Kinda strange, don't you think? God created us naked and wanted us to be naked but we go out of our way to disobey god's wishes for us to be naked because we seem to think that it (god) thinks it's a sin! If it's a sin, why were we supposedly made this way?

    • SueAnon84


      " It's only in highly religious cultures, like ours" The US is by far the least religious country. They even have it in the constitution as law not to intertwine religion and politics! It's in one of the first amendments. It's called "freedom of religion" and you are able to practice any religion you see fit, not just Christianity/Catholicism.

      2. I don't think people see it as a so called "sin" to be naked but the law does prohibit indecent exposure! And that is the reasoning behind people not willing to be naked in public! It because of any religious taboo.

      3. I would LOVE to be naked too but for me, if there is a law against it, I would rather not break that law and get fined for it! ... or maybe even go to jail for it!

      4. Children develop rapidly in their early years. They don't call it formative years for nothing. I would personally find it traumatizing if I saw my dad's naked penis and my mom's vagina (which I have but on accident) growing up! ... It's just not necessary and I find the idea silly. I have my husband's penis to look at and awe with, not my parents!

  • Anonymous
    Well, I wouldn't really want to see my dad's pancake butt, giant hairy dick and balls just flopping around when he walks around the house. Nor would I want to see my mom's hairy cooch and saggy tits while I'm eating dinner.
    Nor would I want my (horny teenage) brother seeing my big tits and booty, since I don't want to see him get an erection.
    So I'm gonna disagree with you here.
    • sammy2toes

      Nicely put. .. v,('c')

    • sharkboi

      Hyped yourself up there lmao

    • sammy2toes

      @sharkboi yep and then an anonymous point was very... l,(*o*)

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  • Anonymous
    Honestly, NO
    I saw my parents naked as a child, and it really fucked me up
    • Anonymous

      I'm an exhibitionist

    • Anonymous

      @AkshiJanjua You think that's funny Al?

    • Anonymous

      You won't think it's so funny when I you get a dick pic in your inbox :p

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  • Anonymous
    I grew up seeing my mom naked too many times and maybe that's why I have this opinion now, but I'm 100% against if, before puberty... After puberty, nope, don't condone it.
    • Anonymous

      100% against it*

  • Anonymous
    Good take. I walked often naked as a kid at home but now I am very modest man