Parents who hit their kids for punishment


Dear parents,

Coming from a really annoying and challenging child, I am grateful that you punished me physically when I was younger. It taught me that actions have consequences. Although I initially struggled with the thought that you, having grown up in a wealthy country in families where you were beaten, would punish me physically, I accepted that you aren’t sadists and that you love me.
I love you too.
However, as a young adult I realised that you’re no longer punishing me physically but actually hitting me. Because I am too much to handle for you and I get that. But I don’t understand why you’re so angry at me when you know how this anger felt to you coming from your parents.

Parents who hit their kids for punishment

I don’t want to be hit when you’re angry at me and we’re in an argument. You’re too close. When I yell „keep your distance“ and „get out RIGHT NOW“ I mean it. I’m no longer a minor, I have my high school finals in two weeks and I can't risk you kicking me out but I don’t want to live in a household where I feel the way I feel.

thank you for reading this,

~ Someone struggling

Parents who hit their kids for punishment
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  • Moonchild714
    Violence is not love it shows lack of control.

    I came from a family that believed hitting was proper punishment.

    One when I was 10, I was being really annoying to my Mom it was late she was tired but I wouldn't let things go and she hauled off and punched me in the nose, it was bleeding. All I could keep saying was you're the Mom, you're the Adult, what is wrong with you we were lauhhing the whole time but I kept repeating you're the Mom, you're Adult over and over I kept saying and she said you just never know when to stop, I said I'm a kid you should know ehen to Stop though. After the bleeding stopped an hour later I went to bed... From that point on I Feared my Mom when I eas starting to push things, I as the child had to know when to Stop!! No child should have to know and understand about pushing parents too far... Parents are supposed to be in Control of their Emotions and Actions!!! by the way, I found out 3 years later I ad a fractured nose that didn't heal properly... The Doctors had to break it to fix it back then they couldn't put me under so I had to be awake through the whole thing, I kept flashing back to my Mom punching 3 years earlier...
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    • chicano1313

      There is a big difference between Discipline and abuse . Never get those 2 confused.

    • Moonchild714

      Never a need to Physically Discipline a child. The force behind an Angry Slap is TOO Much for a Child.

    • zheer8

      can't believe there are still people in their 40s that still know nothing about life, how the hell on earth do you think discipline is good?

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  • Anonymous
    I’m so sorry that is happening to you. It sounds like you are starting to create the boundaries you need with your parents. Remember that it’s not your fault - nobody deserves to be hit no matter how “annoying” or “challenging” you are. I had a similar experience growing up in my family. I was told that everything was my fault because I was such a “bad kid” and so dramatic, sensitive, and stubborn. In reality I didn’t deserve a lot of the treatment I got from my parents. I was the “scapegoat” of the family; the one blamed whenever anything went wrong. It’s a really good thing to create boundaries with family and to watch out for when things they say just don’t make sense. You are in highschool - still figuring out your way in the world and definitely do not deserve any violence. I’m proud of you for standing up to them.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • rockrewls
    My own dad almost killed me as a 12 year old broke my ribs punctured my lungs, broke my face/nose, while he kicked me across the yard in steel toe boots, I certainly know what it is to be beaten.
    That being said a swat on the bum (not in rage/anger) doesn't bother me, but if I ever see someone beat their kid they will have an awful long hospital stay.
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    • zheer8

      In my opinion the world needs more men like you.

    • rockrewls

      @zheer8 Well I try to be a decent man, it was difficult getting through all the anger from being beaten but somehow I have managed to do alright, I fight against my temper and for the most part I've won. So thanks :)

    • zheer8

      Keep it up😊

  • chicano1313
    There is a big difference between discipline and abuse. Those two never be confused , by the person doing the disciplining.
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  • louyaa
    You'll get through it. Once you're out of the high school get out of there soon as possible. I did that and even though I was homeless for two weeks until a friend let me stay at her place I don't regret my decision of leaving.
  • CindyRuns
    Nothing wrong with a well placed whack on the butt for a misbehaving child.

    As long as it's done in a loving way that is intended to remind him of his behavior and not maim him !!!
    • StafJ

      Smacking in a loving way 😆

      I love you. WHACK!
      Sorry it's just what I thought of.

  • kespethdude
    Hitting a child is abuse, period. All the Boomers and "Greatest Generation" people can disagree with me all they want, it'll just show more people who shouldn't be allowed to use the Internet.
  • Leena_2003
    I am totally against all kinds of violence against children. I am so sorry this is happening to you. Kids should never be hit, even when they are small, for punishment or discipline.
  • livingthelife19
    Spanking is a thing of the past. It's all taken way to out of context these days. Everyone wants to call CPS
  • kim45456
    My dad hit me when i was a kid. Now i have agression issues
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    So does that mean i can beat the fuck out of you and you'll blame yourself for it? 😊
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    I'm against parents hitting their children for any reason.
  • Anna0125
    Getting spank taught me if I want to get my way all I have to do is hit someone.
  • sreeja98
    I hope you get to a better place
  • james2018dean
    A child should NEVER be struck in anger!
  • Avicenna
    There is no need for corporal punishment, period.
    I try not to hit my kids too...
  • madgoat
  • Joker_
    I'm not a parent who hit their kids for punishment
  • Anonymous
    Even i used to be a lunching bag.
    Because i reminded my mother about my father. But still she raised me.
    Though my life is a mess now and she realises what she had done was wrong.
    Unfortunately we can't change the past but future is in our hands.