Why Hitting Children Is a Really Stupid Idea


Many have lost their minds with their children. But when parents hit children, oh they're just being a good parents. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

When a man hits a woman, usually about a foot shorter than them, we despise them. We call them things like cowards, impotent, losers. But a an adult punches a 3 foot child, nobody bats an eye. How much sense does that make?

Why Hitting Children Is a Really Stupid Idea

Firstly, if you hit your child, you obviously don't love them. How can you love someone you hit?

Secondly, you're teaching them that hitting is a good solution, which WAS true pre-1940, but in modern civilized society, violence in almost all situations is a serious crime and can get you thrown in jail.

Thirdly, they're aren't learning anything, except that they can't trust you. The moment you slap them for the first time, you put a barrier between the two of you that is almost impossible to knock down. And what will you think might happen when they're old enough to fight back? Or when you have to depend on them for anything? You think they owe you anything?

Fourthly, you ruin their perspective of gender. A woman abuses her son, he gets, quote "mommy issues"...Mommy issues?! That's feminist propaganda. Let's call it what it is: experience with bad female role models.

Fifthly, children aren't your property. What more is there to say?

Why Hitting Children Is a Really Stupid Idea
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  • Rissyanne
    You sound like a really great parent. How old are your children?
    • None. Can't have children in Australia if you got aspergers. They only just started letting us drive.

  • Qwertybirdie
    The came a time when it registered "Pain is temporary"
    So when I was 13 my mum went to spank me. I braced and stared at her like she was stupid.
    She grabbed the collar of my shirt.