People that have "everything"but don't appreciate it


This is just a rant here about my 'cousin', raised by her grandmother and her husband. She gets what she wants, including from an aunt of ours that favors her (which is fine but she goes overboard expressing her favoritism). I guess she is that way from not being corrected, and being given what she wants.

It sucks because it's so close in my life. To where I was treated like shit by my mother and stepdad. My mother's family is jealous because I was my grandmother's favorite. While that side of the family (which is my stepdads family), some have always been funny acting which made me not want to be around much because I picked up on the little things people would say and do.

It's like I've been such a good person, at least tried, treated like shit and our lives are so different. Today is her 16th birthday party- my mother didn't even want to tell me happy birthday the day of mines.

I wish my life would have been better, better opportunities, better life, better treatment. I prayed for people that would love me and to see someone else get that but throw it all away, act like a bitch and not appreciate anything bugs me. I cried my self to sleep for the love she receives.

She hasn't dealt with not even a percentage of the shit I've dealt with in my life, including the only people you cared about that loved you dying, one after another. Our uncle died and she had an attitude the whole funeral thinking about herself.

There were times where my dumb ass mother wouldn't buy me new clothes I needed or would buy clothes too big or childish clothing. All the while she'd give her husband money from her check with no hesitation.

People that have everythingbut dont appreciate it
People that have "everything"but don't appreciate it
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  • WarningWarning
    First off, its good to hear a good ol rant. Everyone loves a rant. But i am sorry you are suffering. It seems in most families there is a favorite. For instance, my moms sister was favored by their mother. Which made my cousins her favorites too. They were very good kids and we were constantly compared. It wasn't their fault tho. But in your case she is a brat. Where is the justice in that? Thats hard. Especially when you are struggling. Your mom doesn't sound too helpful. My mom wishes she was a spoiled brat. She fusses and no one listens. She is a drama queen and still we dont give her attention. She is a very selfish women. Your cousin sounds very selfish too. And your other family members seem oblivious to how you feel. Almost like you aren't there. Thats not good for your self esteem. I have given up on my mom. But i have made people my substitute mom. Those ones whose kids have moved away. Or didn't have children but have learned in life and want to share it. I have about 5 moms. Probably 20 aunts. A couple of grandparents and lots of cousins and brothers and sisters. I am not related to any. They are my friends. Make some older friends. Visit and talk with them. I promise there is someone to help you. I hope it gets better hun
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  • Jessymjr
    I'm sorry your feeling like this I feel like this more often then I should so I can somewhat relate.

    People are selfish and family is not supposed to treat you like this so find people who are like you the ones who feel similar to what you've been feeling. Don't let her selfish ways destroy you. You are better then that person you don't want to be that person so don't let that person intimidate you or cause you heartache cut them off

    If you know who you are and what you want to become in the end you'll always be more successful then others who don't appreciate anyone who's lesser than
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  • kespethdude
    I know a person like that too. Also complains about her body pains, yet doesn't do a damn thing about them. She is also rude to restaurant staff and (according to what I heard) hospital staff. And she's one of those fuckers who plays the "I know people so I can do whatever I want" card, the same card that would get Steve Wilkos in your face and a chair being thrown at you after you leave the stage (At least in the earlier seasons, anyway, back when those who condoned the actions of scumbags were called "Belly Rubbers".)
    tl, dr; I think it's some form of narcissistic personality disorder, but I'm not a psychiatrist so my opinion is invalid.
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    • Anonymous

      You're right, I've definitely exhibited that within her. The narcissism- her grandfathers (her grandma's husband not really her grandpa) son died and that same night all she cared about was herself and getting mcdonalds.

  • outthere
    Please don't let this define you. Your life is just beginning, and thankfully you are not your cousin. Think about it. You aren't a spoild brat. You have a chance to be a good decent person because you know what its like to be unhappy. You know what it's like to go without. Your cousin doesn't. She likely tal3es everything for granted and doesn't treat people very kindly. I wish you the best and i hope you can be a good influence on her when the real world comes a knocking.
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  • Aiasis
    This sucks but when you can move away from your toxic family, do so and keep that distance. You can't expect a poor man to know the value of gold if he was never presented or taught it. 🤷
  • Manuel2
    It is the money barrier. Those who have too much complain of nothing to buy. Those who have too little complain they want more but can't afford it
  • Liam_Hayden
    Covetousness by any other name...
  • Anonymous
    Just because someone has a lot doesn't mean they don't appreciate it. I come from a wealthy family with two amazing parents and we are all very close. My parents would pretty much buy me anything I wanted. I went to private school, my parents paid outright for university and gave me money for bills. They are extremely supportive and do whatever they can for me. But I appreciate them a lot. So I'm spoilt, but not a brat.
  • Anonymous
    People are selfish