What makes a good friend

What makes a good friend

I have many friends but none that really match the kind of friends that make up a true friend. Not that any friend is perfect but those that match a number of the points here, make up a good friend to have.

1. Friends that are supportive

What makes a good friend
What makes a good friend

A friend shows up when you need help. They are there if you need someone to talk to, you need a hug or you need help moving for example. It is not about when they are available or when they are emotionally ready. Given they would prefer to schedule in like moving for example but a lost job or losing a family member they are the kind of friend that shows up the day of, if possible. There have been so many sorry can't come to the phone's or is there anyone else that can help you's that its nice to consider friends that come though when you need them.

2. Friends that get your crazy

What makes a good friend

What makes a good friend

This is the kind of friend that gets you. They can love a movie marathon, a video game or board game binge or hearing that song on the radio that you both instantly know and can sing. I have many friends but not many truly get me. It would be nice to have a friend that makes a suggestion that I truly think sounds fun and not just agree to go along on.

3. Friends that share in what you want to do

What makes a good friend

What makes a good friend

This is basically a friend that asks what you want to do. You are not just doing what they want to do, you are sharing with them. It could be anything... lets walk by the industrial complex or lets plan a road trip. Its showing that your opinions and thoughts are valued. You both equally decide something that you both want to do. I can't tell you how many times I have been dragged along with something others want to do and its refreshing when someone goes out of their way to have a special day with you. Sharing is important but its sharing, something that you are doing not because you enjoy it per say but you are doing it being you enjoy being with that person.

4. Friends that respect you

What makes a good friend

What makes a good friend

It is important to have friends that respect you. They may disagree with you but they do so playfully or agree to disagree. It's about treating each other as equals. That what you or they say or believe has value. They don't have to agree but it's important to be respectful of each other. In speech and action. Listening and providing feedback.

5. Friends want what's best for you

What makes a good friend
What makes a good friend

Friends that want you do to well at work, in relationships, or at school. Even if it means moving away from them. Friends should want the best for you and you should want the best for them.

6. Friends accept who you are

What makes a good friend

What makes a good friend

There may be many changes you go through in your life. Seasons change and so does you views and beliefs. If you start out goth and move out of that stage its good to have friends that still will hang out with you and you will hang out with them. But not just appearances... if you are struggling with addiction or develop a significant illness, its nice to know that friends can have your back even when you are not the most attractive or marketable friend, you have friends will stand by you.

I was a little tired when writing this... so my points are a little soupy but hopefully understandable by at least their main ideas :)

What makes a good friend
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  • Theophain
    Dude, if this is soupy you can cook for me any day of the week.
    Your take is mine as well.
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  • SydneySentinel
    Super sweet, JJ! And spot on. Good job 😊😊
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Lliam
    Such a good MyTake, Jj. You nailed it.
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    • Lliam

      I want to add that a good friend knows who you are. If you do or say something stupid or inappropriate, as I sometimes do, they don't just write you off because they know that you are a good person. Good friends don't think you are an ass hole just because you make a blunder.

    • Jjpayne


    • Sadused1


  • clampfan101
    What makes a good friendI think this is a nice summary. :)
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  • 1stranger
    Thank you..
    This is a very nice myTake. You summed up very well. And I agree with what you say.
    Well.. Can I ask you something?
    Do friends hurt each other? Or are people who hurt each other called friends?
    • Jjpayne

      I think it hurts the most when the hurt comes from friends. It depends on the hurts purpose, is it constructive criticism, did they make a life choice that hurt you such as leaving or did they do something that was clearly wrong to hurt you... I'd argue that doing something clearly wrong to hurt would mostly come from strangers because they don't know you and it's easy to judge but a rare person will give you good advice that hurts yet is helpful

    • 1stranger

      Hımm... Thank you.

      Also, you forgot something. There must be trust in these items.
      Friendship cannot be winged without trust.

    • Jjpayne


  • Great mytake. And so true. Is the quality not quantity of friends that matters. I'll take one true friend over multiple people that are fake or"fair weather "friends any day.
    • Yeah already you have people I feel worthless unwanted think of suicide constantly.

    • @crswantsluv
      That is never the answer. Is there someone you can tak to. Or get counseling?

    • Hey sweetie how are you

  • traimwreck
    Except 4th.. my friend has all the above qualities..😅 and yeh most important thing i friendship is when your friend is with you in your bad times... that's called the real friends.. otherwise for partying there are lot of friends ready for us... so a real friend is always with you no matter how tough situation is.. and am glad i have 2friends who are with me anytime at anycost 🙇am not blessed with true love but with true friends🙇💞
  • JohnDon9
    Its hard to get such who stay by no matter what , i got to realise it when i spent time with one of my colleagues , his friends became mine but to this date i remind that asshole how lucky he is to get such good friends , it kind of fits in no matter how different they are they stick together , i would only wish if i had such great pals , together for life but for some like me and you is a luxury same goes for love , its the ones who understand what it means that are devoid of it
  • GloriaMc
    What I did is makes it as grouping, those that are religious I put them in spiritual of course group, some are adventures group we do hill climbing most of the time were together, some were party animals and those are sexy fellas oh yes they are sexiest, some nerd when were together I fell I'm Einstein 🤭, then there's comedy group oh I go crazy 😆😆😆😆
  • nelly83
    1. Friends that don't leave you once they get a boyfriend.
    2. Friends that show through actions that they care for you such as bringing you dinner when you get sick, buying you treats when you get depressed.
    3. Friends that are almost always up to do things when you wanna do them. Their answer is yes 90% of the time.
    4. Friends that will always be there to listen to you when you need help. When you are sorry for complaining or venting too much, they respond "no , its my pleasure"
  • Zing001
    Well said, I have always had very few friends but at least ones that I have are so good that the lower number never really feels, that's what's my take is on this, make friends, but make the quality ones and be a quality one.
  • Lisa22
    Friends ask questions and offer advice when asked it makes sense to me to pay attention to body language too.
  • kymberz
    zebra - yer tired cuz yer living in my head and buddy - that place ain't sane - so go get some sleep and rest! you nailed every key point in what i want in a friend and if i get only those things - i am one happy gurl! but - teehee - and here's the kicker - most of my friends are all of your points PLUS they are a bag and a half of chips - kind of like you and some other people here on G@G seem to be? and for me - that is just bucket loads of awesome sauce! so please keep writing these posts - it gets me and some others thinking - and making sure that our friends really are our friends. thank you zebra! thank you a bunch!
  • vedgtn
    I wish I had friends that fit any of this criteria.
  • J2ohhhhh
    "I have many friends but none that really match the kind of friends that make up a true friend." It's called acquaintances.
  • BagoH
    Going through hard times together and coming out of the other end.
  • OddBeMe
    People you want to be around. Friends or family. People that are taxing to be around aren’t anything.
  • sixxx
    If they re always there for you no matter how good or bad you are and already understand you even when you never tell them all about yourself.
  • Manuel2
    Love, trust and the willingness to agree to disagree.
  • khurrambarkat
    Friend that care for you. Spend quality time with you. Be their for you.
  • That's easy. "A friend will help you move, a brotha will help you move a body".
  • crswantsluv
    One who won't fuck around on you but because I feel alone with nobody I'm feeling pretty suicidal
  • wynn-ing
    Couldn't have said it better! 👏👏
  • katrina123456
    All above.
  • SpiderManFan2002
    This basically describes my best friend! ^_^
  • Nikki1989
    Nailed it.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    When they are there for you during hardships.
  • hiimjosh
    All that with a bit of jokes and comedy
  • moonpie89
    Yes !
  • Aerobik-65
    Honesty and listening
  • DonCachondo
    You nailed it!!!
  • cheer_girl478
    I think this is great
  • KittyMilk
    Ride or die
  • AspiringArtist
    The benefits. A wink a wink.
  • Anonymous
    Now where does one get friends like these?
  • Anonymous
    all of the above makes a good friend, unfortunately good friends are hard to find