Do you prefer having more guy friends, or girl friends?

*Please* read thorougly before answering ๐Ÿ’•

This can be for both girls and guys, and I just figured there is so much controversy regarding gender differences, so I felt it'd be a little interactive.

Personally, as a girl, I do prefer having more guy friends simply because I find it easier to trust. I don't wish to be like one of those girls who say that girls are too dramatic, because that would make a false generalization about a gender as a whole, and generalizations are actually worse than stereotypes because it deems one group of individuals as "all the same." I only personally feel that, due to personal experience, trusting women can be pretty difficult for me.

I suppose that, if a girl wants to be my friend and has the right intentions and morals, then I'd kindly accept someone like this. I am more selective with my girl friends than guy friends, because over time I've had more meaningful experiences with guys in regards to friendship and support. There are some wonderful girl friends I have in my life that I will always cherish, but even then I have tendencies to keep a fair distance. I just have trust issues, but I'm absolutely open to new friendships- I just take a while to really trust someone before letting them in, to get to really know their personalities and the kind of people they associate with, before *really* considering them a friend.

With guys, it's much different. Men over time have not really shown me many red flags in regards to friendships and actually being there for me. I love the protective instinct they have over me and how secure I feel whenever I'm with them. But, then again, a few of my girl friends have been that way with me as well. I guess I just got lucky and attracted the right kind of people in my life, but maybe it's also because now I'm more careful with those I consider friends, because it's truly becoming a toxic world out here.

Which gender do you prefer being friends with? ๐Ÿ˜Š
Do you prefer having more guy friends, or girl friends?
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