My brother is being stingy?

My brother just got awarded a settlement of $995,000 for a car accident that killed his wife and sons. As a way to say thank you for everyone's support he gave everyone in the family $5,000. He was still left with $925,000! I told him I deserved more than $5,000 at least another 2k. He said but everybody got the same amount and I said I want at least $8,000. After a while he finally gave in, but by that time my share was already down to $3,000. I said he should give me $5,000 more to make it an even $8,000 instead of just 3k extra. He said I'll give you $7,000 then leave me alone.
So I had $10,000 but I spent it on a new car and a TV, and a phone and clothes, plus manicures and getting my hair done so obviously my portion went by fast. I asked him please for $2,000 more because he knows my boyfriend and I can't work due to our gluten allergies. He still has at least $900,000 after some of his medical bills were paid, I don't understand why he won't give me money and how do I make him give me a little more?
My brother is being stingy?
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