Why is there a single black parent problem?

Majority of black women are stuck raising more than one child on their own. Now is it the government's fault? The woman's or man's fault? Or Society in general?
Too many times you see black women with 3 different kids from 3 different father's and sometimes she has no idea who the father is half the time!
What happened to healthy family values? The family honour? A man's pride in stepping up to the plate to do what's right! Black men just says "fuck this shit I'm outta here". It's a never ending cycle, mother is working 60 hours a week working 2 jobs to raise kids with no help and you wonder why the kids get involved with gangs and drugs. No father figure, No role model, No discipline, no one around to show the kids the ropes so he learns from the older kids how to survive gangster style. Broken world.
Why is there a single black parent problem?
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