Til what age did you share a room with your siblings?

If you never had to, just say so. I've had my own room since i was like age 3 but i never slept in it. I used it as a playroom. My mom would tuck me in the bed and i’d be in her bed in less than an hour later 🤣 My sis (whos 6 years younger than me) did the same. I slept in my moms bed til like age 7 lol. By time i reached age 8, we moved out of our 2 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom home. My mom had a rotten live in bedroom by then, so i had to share a room with my sis. My grandparents apartment caught fire so they took over my sisters room for a year or two. Hurricane katrina wrecked that house so we spent the next 2 years back in 2 bedroom apartments. I basically shared a room with my sis until i was like 13. Around that age, we got our own rooms. My sis is like 19 now and still spends most of her nights on my moms bedroom couch 😂 I only sleep in my room cause mom can't know I've been watchin porn all these years lmao. But i really do hope to move out before the year ends. I mean i’ve had the funds too for a year or so. I just dont have the motivation nor the job offer. Plus I don't know what state in the south i want to live in after this covid mess... Anyways, this is why my kids will always share a room. Give em their own room and they’ll never move out 😂🙈 We’re practically roommates sharing rent at this point #SiblingRivalry #Roommates
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Til what age did you share a room with your siblings?
Never had to
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Til what age did you share a room with your siblings?
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