Do you believe your dreams have meanings?

I learned in my undergraduate courses that our dreams are actually made up from our subconscious. Since then I knew our brain is just tryna tell us something or make up stuff hahaha. I rarely dream. But lately I had two dreams about my siblings in less than a week including today. It makes me feel like I probably really missed all of us together and I’m worried about my youngest brother. My oldest has moved out of state for two years, youngest sister just moved out of state for graduate school, recently my youngest brother just moved out to live with his friends for his last year in his undergraduate, and I’m just with my brother and his wife plus their adorable children who are attach to me haha.

My first dream was silly. For some reason all my siblings came back to my state rather to visit or officially moved back... and then we all hit it up with a sibling sushi night 😂🍣🍣🍣 I woke up craving sushi, no joke. LOL! But I knew I definitely missed all of us back together despite little hiccups.

My second dream today was just crazy. It was all over the place with work bonds and then my siblings got together for our typical family gaming night. But something really bad happened to my little brother... I immediately woke up feeling worried and texted him right away asking if everything is okay due to my bad dream and we’re still here if he needs anything despite he moved out. I’m sure he wants to be independent and not asked for help. But I often worried about that kid if he’s doing okay even though I don’t tell him and anyone. Other than that I know my subconscious tells me I missed and worried about my siblings as we are all so far a part now with our lives. Even I know if I pursue graduate school, I might live in another city or go out of state too.

Anyways do you believe your dreams have meanings? Why or why not? Share your experience! I think dreams can be interesting, odd, or scary to think about hahaha.
Do you believe your dreams have meanings?
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