My friend and I got in a fight. Can you help me?

I'm in a gaming clan with a friend he's a little younger than I am. So we joke a lot about him not putting me in a retirement home.

He then took a turn and said old people are a waste of space. And that they should just die if they are in a nursing home.

I was extremely blown away and didn't hesitate to be like whoa that is so not okay. He kept harping on how useless they are to society and even mentioned how expensive it is to keep them alive

I was really like trying to let him know how freaking cruel it is to say something like that and how absolutely awful and insensitive it is to say that

He then tried to say it's because his grandpa passed away and he hated seeing him like that wasting away before death.

I told him I understand it is hard for the family but it's family job to support the one actually dying. I don't know bro the conversation just went left

He ended up just leaving without saying goodbye

And all my friends with us were defending him Saying its inhumane to let people suffer. But I'm like isn't that what hospice care is for? I have a friend who's mother was made very comfortable through hospice before she died.

Either way I know he is trying to say how awful it is to die or just be elderly where you need someone to care for you

But I don't think it is right to think since someone has to prepare u a meal and u cannot do it yourself that u deserve to die and tossed aside because u are useless.

Life shouldn't be spoken about in that way. Especially elderly who are very vulnerable.

Oh and he also tried to justify his words by saying majority of elderly people in home were bad people anyway.

But its like does a doctor just not try to help u if u have a heart attack because u were a bad person? Like I don't know its life its the only one we have we don't know everyone's circumstances but no one just should say old people should die. Or call them useless.

I feel badly the conversation went in this direction.
My friend and I got in a fight. Can you help me?
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