Why is my oldest sister always trying to put me down and talk me out of having cosmetic surgery?

I have a mole on my nose and lately I've been really taking it more serious when it comes to having it removed as it been starting to bleed a lot lately. I've booked appointment with my doctor and I'm hoping he can get it removed for me but even if I can't because he might say it's cosmetic, I know a lady who can do it for me for a good price.

I told my stister about this and she told me I should just go to a walk in center on the hottest day of year. It's bad enough on a normal day going to a NHS walk in center let alone when it's 39 outside and probably full of dehydrated old people. She got angry and said I was just attention seeking and needed to put up or shut up. Yet she's always made fun of me for this mole and another thing that I want sorting that I will go into in a minute.

She was so rude to me so I left and now she thinks everything is completely back to normal with us now but I'm ignoring all her messages in the family group chat. She really annoys me at times yet she is my best friend. She thinks she knows better then everyone else and everything always has to be her way even when it's not her life or anything that involves her.

She sometimes thinks she's my mum or something and wants me to be her mini me. Only till I met my boyfriend I realised how brainwashed I was by her not but she deliberately did this just because I am her little sister and take everything she says as gospel. I always used to say "but my stister said" or "I'll have to ask my sister first" and it really annoyed my boyfriend to the point he told me I needed to start thinking for myself and let my stister not control my life as she's extremely over paranoid about everyone and everything and is super over protective of me.

I also really want a boob job too but she keeps telling me I'll look cheap and tacky and I shouldn't do it yet she's always made fun of me for my boobs.

Why is my oldest sister always trying to put me down and talk me out of having cosmetic surgery?
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