How do I deal with a hot headed step-dad?


I had a fair going on in my state. It is that time of the year. I was out with my boyfriend, his brother and girlfriend, which was unexpected. I had asked my parents if they were attending the fair, and they were coming. I let them know that the brother and his girlfriend are coming. Again, they knew this. The day before and day of.

Time goes on. I meet with my parents. Introduce. My boyfriend is excited to meet my parents for the third time. My parents wanted to get food. My boyfriend told my parents that we will call them once we view something. I told my mom to let her call me, once she is done eating. Where we were going in the fair.

Time goes on. Where we were going, we turned our backs to it so quickly. I expected to hear a call from my parents, and I forgot what my boyfriend said to my parents. A miscommunication error! More time passes, we're in line for a quick ride. My mom calls me. Putting me on speaker, asking me where I'm at.

Once I told her where I was at, I mentioned to her the ride was going to be no more than 3 minutes. Expected to reach back up to her, and I heard my step-dad get all hot-headed. Saying "That's on the other side. Why did we even come here?" Kind of harshly. I was very confused.. They left the fair in no more than 30 minutes. Step-dad mad that we didn't wait to ride rides with him. While we road ONE.

Feeling at fault, I texted my mom what happened. She's understanding me. Saying sorry for my step-dad being hot-headed. My step-dad thinking we STILL ditched him. My mom trying to explain everything. He still thinks I ditched him, along with my boyfriend. I explained to my mom in text that my boyfriend was wanting to be around them the whole day.

My step dad is still very mad. I kind of got angry, saying that he doesn't view me as his daughter. That I have never ditched family. He just constantly is in a fight response when things go wrong. He's a bit toxic to my mom. Doesn't have kids of his own.

Am I in the wrong?

How do I deal with a hot headed step-dad?
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