What do you think about this option?


So my boyfriend insists that I live with him and his family (long story short my family is being unfair to me and I’m tired of being treated like a 13 year old and having my emotions basically invalidated by them especially my mental health).

This has been a debate for months and even my best friend thinks I should do it but it’s kinda hard for me to decide because my family for some reason whenever something happens to me or involves me everyone freaks out. I was out late on prom night, I stay out with my boyfriend when my mom wants me home in 2-3 hours I stay 5 or 6. These things make my family upset and they blame my boyfriend for how I act and stuff which is annoying cuz half the time I decide to do those things. I’m scared of my family’s opinion of me and I don’t want them disappointed in me.

My family says they don’t want me to have to back track but I’m not sure if that’s what they say to convince me to stay or make me unsure of myself. I even had a conversation with my mom about moving and she said do it slowly but I’m confused cuz now she honestly gets irritated whenever I want to leave (I don’t like being home much for obvious reasons)

Now back to the option my boyfriend gave me. This was something that was proposed by his mom but his mom is no longer with us so It would feel weird to move in with them (he has a brother and his dad). I’m worried that something will happen and we won’t be compatible in an environment where we are to co-exist or that my cat won’t get along with the pets or something. I want to keep all possibilities open and be prepared. Im trying to work on saving money for my own place as well which I’m not making enough or saving enough with my current job and expectation to pay the cable internet bill, I also pay for dog food (I pay for my cat on default) when my mom or brother can’t. Two of those dogs are mine but I couldn’t have them if I were moving and I couldn’t take both if I got an apartment because most apartments limit to 2 pets

What do you think about this option?
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