Has any of your fam/friends ever said anything like Option A or B to you?


Option A— “I should’ve had a son/daughter instead.” So say you’re their son/daughter but the parent says they wish they had a son/daughter instead. OR OPTION B— If your friend says “You should’ve been a guy/girl” because maybe your mindset/actions/style/emotions/etc matches that of the opposite sex more. And no I do not mean any of this is a trans way.

But yea my friend girls get mad at me and say I should’ve been a dude because a lot of what I say comes across as fckboy-ish 😂 Like damn I would say thats offensive but I know my ass really ain't no good half of the time. I can't help it. I grew up with more guy friends than girl friends and I guess their thoughts and ways rubbed off on me. I’m not a girly girl and would totally sit open-legged in pants/shorts, but I’m also not tomboyish enough to come across as butch. I definitely still look like the girl I am and act like one for the most part. But yea my mindset is definitely not that of a typical girl 😆 I guess now a days girls would deem me a “pick me” ass bxtch since I’m not a “girl’s girl”. I disagree but i also really dont give a damn. 🤷‍♀️ So yea has anyone ever said you should be the opposite of what you are? #FeelFreeToList

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And just in case some aren’t understanding, a good example would be when guys are told that they are too emotional and that it comes across as feminine. Thats a good example of a guy being told that he should have been a girl. Or like maybe the girl comes across as a player so she is told she's acting like a dude
Has any of your fam/friends ever said anything like Option A or B to you?
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