Do fewer fathers than mothers love their child (literally) unconditionally?

While my father isn't that expressive (the less affectionate parent but demonstrates it through actions more), last year he answered clearly when someone asked what would make him stop loving me. I'm an only child.

His reply was an ''Absolutely nothing, I can divorce my wife if she cheated but I'm not divorcing my baby''. Then he jokingly said ''Even if (my name) destroyed everyone, plotted against me well you can't do anything. That's your child after all.'' He also stated that disowning a child is an abomination. He thinks that once you become a parent, either you love them till your last dying breath or don't have kids at all.

I was impressed. Off course I wouldn't ever wrong him in that manner but that was sweet to hear. He really meant it all. I've heard of stories of father already disowning their child for making poor decisions, for hiding their mother's affairs for years, the daughter telling her father to walk her down the aisle with the mother's affair partner, for coming out of the closet, etc. Meanwhile mines has no limit on his love towards me. I've heard mother are usually unconditional towards their child while fathers still have certain conditions. Are fewer fathers like mine?

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Like stated, he's a man of fewer words but when he fully expressed his sentiments about unconditionally loving me, it was unique.
Do fewer fathers than mothers love their child (literally) unconditionally?
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