Why won't my boyfriend take pictures with me?

Okay, I'm SUPER confused, after dating my boyfriend for a year and 3 months. He won't take pictures with me and I'm not included in his Facebook life. I am not overly focusing on Facebook situation but it has a lot to do with how weird/shady he is about the whole picture taking deal. I once posted a picture of us together(which is the ONLY picture of us together) and tagged him. A few weeks later, he deleted it. When I asked him why he deleted it, he denied it at first and then said maybe he deleted it 'accidentally.' Come on... I'm not stupid. Also had some ex-girlfriend issues, too. He keeps in contact with all of his ex-girlfriends(they are all whores in my book, even my boyfriend admitted about a few of them being sluts). He says they're just 'friends.' Yeah, right! That's why he flirts with them and talks to them on a regular basis via Facebook chat/message and text messages. Now, I know that he is not cheating on me but this is so annoying. I need an explanation. Is it because he wants to appear single? Is he just a private type of person? He won't even hold my hand in public, says it makes him feel uncomfortable. Like, seriously, WHAT THE HELL IS HIS DEAL? I know he's afraid of commitment(obviously) and very immature for him age, but I just wanna make sure that this is something I can overlook - one more question, am I overthinking or is my gut feeling right? :(
Why wont my boyfriend take pictures with me?
Why won't my boyfriend take pictures with me?
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