Found out my coworkers don't like me today, should I care?

I think of myself as a high acheiver who's well liked and a hard worker. Found out from my boss today that he thinks I'm rude and too defensive. Asked my new coworker if she likes working with me and she told me she doesn't mind working with me.

I really like(d) them both. I thought the new coworker actually had a lot in common with me and I thought my boss loved me.

So now what do I do? Do I care? Should my feelings be as hurt as they were earlier today? Should I try and win them over? Seems like a lot of work.

I just want to do my job and have a life outside of work.

Oh also how do I make friends? Lol loaded questions I know. I like outdoors and nature stuff, running, animals and meditation things... All of those activities pursuits are ones I easily do on my own during my own time. Guess that's where I've always had issues. I never really had friends growing up... I had school friends but no activity friends, when I went to college my 'best friend' is from my old job... other people hang out who knew each other from work but I guess people just don't really like me. Lol. My 'best friend' has 2 other best friends who she knew from not work lol.

Oh well. can't be friends with these coworkers.
Found out my coworkers don't like me today, should I care?
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